I Tried Thai Yoga Massage and I'll Never Do It Again! (VIDEO)

Lindsay Ferrier I'll Take That Dare

Y'all know I've done a lot of embarrassing things for my CafeMom Studios series, I'll Take That Dare -- but this week's episode has to be my most embarrassing dare yet!

The challenge was to experience Thai Yoga Massage, which doesn't sound all that mortifying. It actually sounds pretty relaxing right? Just watch the video before you decide. It might convince you otherwise.

Click through to see it!


I have friends who looooovvvve Thai Yoga Massage and have been insisting that I try it. I actually thought I was a perfect candidate for it because I get regular massages all the time, which seem far more intimate since I have to get completely naked (under a sheet, of course!) to get one.

Um, no.

Even though I was fully clothed, I found it very uncomfortable to be manipulated into poses by a complete stranger, especially in a room full of production crew members! Honestly, though, I think I would have been equally uncomfortable alone.

The interesting thing about this experience is that the reaction to it has been mixed. Some people watch it and, like me, think it sounds oh-so-awkward.

Others watch it and think it looks amazing.

To each her own!

All I know is that I will NOT be taking this dare ever, ever again!

What about you? Would you try Thai Yoga Massage?

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