Olivia Munn Pulls Her Eyelashes Out Because of Rare Anxiety Disorder (VIDEO)

olivia munnIf you're a My Life on the D-List fan like myself, you probably had your first experience with trichotillomania on that series. Tom, Kathy Griffin's tour manager, compulsively pulled his eyelashes out. Now, a few years later, Olivia Munn has admitted that she, too, goes for the lashes to deal with whatever's bothering her. She went on to admit that whenever she leaves the house, she has to buy a new set of falsies at the drugstore. She claims her habit is more annoying than it is painful and says that moving around a lot as a kid -- Air Force brat and all -- gave her anxiety that's evidently manifested itself in this disorder.


The Mayo Clinic doesn't know exactly what causes trichotillomania or how to treat it, so yeah. Just one of those things. Science, huh.

I don't know, I guess a lot of us look at Olivia, and hell, even Tom, and think that their lives are so awesome -- who doesn't want to be Olivia? who doesn't want to hang out with Kathy Griffin? -- but they have anxiety, and anxiety disorders, too. Sometimes it's nice to see their human side.

Do you have anxiety? How do you deal with it?

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