New Flesh-Eating Disease Victim Dies: Was Hospital to Blame? (VIDEO)

crystal spencer As far as stories of people suffering from flesh-eating bacterial infection, necrotizing fasciitis, go this one has to be one of the most sad and strange ... A 33-year-old Michigan woman named Crystal Spencer, who was admitted to a local hospital for the disease about a month ago, died two days ago. Although this is obviously a scary infection that can claim a sufferer's limbs, it seems odd that it would have claimed Spencer's life. 

At the very least, you can't blame the woman's family for questioning the exact circumstances that contributed to her passing. They've had to request an autopsy to determine the cause of death. And compounding the already stressful and heartbreaking situation: Jeff Spencer, Crystal's husband, told the Detroit Free Press through his lawyer that he believes that his deceased wife got necrotizing fasciitis after she went to Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills in June to have a large boil on her thigh lanced ...

Two days after that, she was receiving care at another hospital, Huron Valley-Sinai, for the flesh-eating bacteria and had a four-hour procedure to remove what her husband described as a watermelon-size piece of flesh from her thigh. The attorney elaborated to CBS Detroit:

We have real concerns about -- that she possibly got this infection -- the procedure may not have been done appropriately. That's the working assumption right now, and we are seeking all the medical records to confirm whether that's true or not.

Scary ... In the meantime, representatives for Botsford Hospital are denying claims that Spencer got the disease at the hospital, and even went so far as to say that Spencer had several risk factors for the infection, like being overweight, a smoker, and a diabetic. This made her "more vulnerable" to developing the disease. But she also entered that hospital without symptoms ... So, given the details on the table, I can definitely understand the "real concerns" the Spencers have!

Still, no matter what happened, who or what is to blame, the sad reality is that this woman's life has been taken, and that's not something either Botsford Hospital or Spencer's widower can take lightly. With hope, there will be a serious investigation that shines light on the truth.

For more details, check out this local news report on Spencer's passing ...


Do you agree something seems fishy here, and Spencer's husband deserves some answers?


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kadee... kadeegrace

This is heartbreaking and I am lifting up her husband and family in prayer. This is becoming such a terrible thing, that the hsopitals and such want us to believe that this flesh eating disease is almost normal, and so easy to get. just like they have done with mersa. people actually are accepting these diseases.......wake up

marabie marabie

The real issue is not that they want it acceptable but that the public is ignorant to the factors that increase susceptibility and the damage created by the misuse, overuse, and mistreatment of antibiotic and antibiotic associated medications, soaps, cleaners, ect. If you understand basic microbiology and the replication cycle and genetic transfering capabilities of microorganisms then it would be less of an issue. Quit assuming that scientists can outsmart basic organisms and the world will face less problems caused by bacteria.

douxm... douxmusique

Blame it on the fat. Boils are no joke, are generally always + for mrsa nowadays. The casual attitude medical personnel take towards the disease is partially to.blame for the inability to t

douxm... douxmusique

Inability to contain and eradicate the bacteria.... Along with what marabie stated.

Heather Johnson

This happened pretty close to where I live, the big thing Botsford Hospital is going to bring up is that she did not see a physician the day after the boil was lanced as they directed.  Plus with her medical history it's going to be a tough case to prove.  From my understanding it's a fairly common bacteria found everywhere.   Am I the only one not impressed her husband hired an attorney less than 24 hours after his wife died?  

jamesela jamesela

How incredibly frightening!  I had a rare vasculitis a few years back that resulted in huge necrotic ulcers on my ankles (one of which ended up w/ painful!).  Since then I am hyper cautious with every tiny nick or scratch. 

My heart goes out to her family.

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