‘Zombie Survival Workout’ Will Make You Run for Your Life (VIDEO)

zombie workoutFact: Working out can be really, really boring. So boring that sometimes it seems like you'd rather deal with an extra pound or two than face yet another tedious mile on the treadmill or lap in the pool.

Fact: Being chased by zombies is never boring. You'd rather run until your legs fell off than face a grisly undead attack, right?

That's exactly why the Zombie Survival Workout is such a brilliant idea. The brain-eating child of fitness expert and personal trainer Leigh Peele, this cardio-heavy routine doesn't just burn calories, it sharpens all the skills you'll need to successfully navigate the coming Zombie Apocalypse! Because if you don't think you're gonna have to get pretty good at scaling a chain link fence, well, you clearly need to catch up on The Walking Dead.


Here's how the Zombie Survival Workout goes:

  1. Drop on the ground to avoid friendly shotgun fire --10 reps
  2. Alternating head smashes -- 20 reps
  3. Pushing a getaway vehicle that ran out of gas -- 2 minutes
  4. You're on fire!! -- 60-second rolls
  5. Chain link fence climbs -- 3 rows
  6. Sprinting -- 60 seconds
  7. Sledgehammer decapitations -- 10 reps
  8. Alternating "chainsaw won't start" pulls -- 20 reps
  9. "My foot is half eaten" crawls -- 60 yards
  10. Sexual intercourse -- you died. Workout over!

Who needs the gym? And lest you think such a fitness regime can't be accomplished, here is video proof (well, not including #10):

Tell me that doesn't look like more fun than whatever lame, non-zombie-related exercise you're doing now! You can't. Or you could, but you'd be lying.

(Speaking of The Walking Dead, perhaps this explains why the characters on that show are all in such great shape. Dang.)

Would you try the Zombie Survival Workout?


Image via RogLawFitness/YouTube

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