Sammi Sweetheart’s Get-Fit Tricks Are Surprisingly Easy (VIDEO)

Sammi SweetheartWhen it comes to hangin' down on the Jersey Shore, you've gotta have your act together. You know, your tan on, your going out clothes prepped, your alcoholic bevs pre-mixed for a potential party at any given time. Sammi Sweetheart knows how important the essentials are, especially that toned up summer body. She recently spoke with OK! about her GTL routine.

"I try to do cardio every day, but I'll alternate doing legs one day, arms one day, doing my abs. I try and switch it up as much as I can."

Now that's a workout routine that I can relate to and understand. Screw all these fancy-schmancy intricate workout styles. Sammi keeps things simple, and I like it.


I'm not saying that the intricate workout plans like P90x and Crossfit don't work. Heck, I really do enjoy Crossfit-style workouts. However, sometimes it's just easier to keep things easy and target certain areas for an entire day at the gym.

For example, if you know that Tuesday is the day you work on legs, then that specific focus will keep you on track for the day. You may not know the first thing about how to use free weight to tone up, but you can head on over to the machines at the gym that target calf muscles, thighs, quads, the whole nine yards.

You know what else I love? Sammi's attitude toward mixing up her workout routine. Heck, there's no fun in doing the same ol' thing all the time. Who would have thought that some of the best workout advice would be coming from Sammi, not Ronnie, eh? Guess it just goes to show that you don't have to be a gorilla to know about gettin' fit.

Watch Sammi dish on all things Jersey Shore, here:

Do you follow a workout routine like Sammi? Do you have any get fit tips or tricks?

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