I Trained Like Tim Tebow! (VIDEO)

I'll Take That DareFile this under "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!"

For this fitness edition of I'll Take That Dare, I thought it would be a great idea to try out a workout at D1, a sports training facility where NFL players from across the country come to improve their performance.

Hey, if Tim Tebow can do it, so can I, right?

WRONG. Click through to see what happened! And let me warn you right now -- IT'S NOT PRETTY.


My workout was obviously ridiculously intense.

The good news is that there are workouts at D1 geared for children as young as 7, for moms, for beginners, and for expert fitness buffs. It's basically bootcamp in a competitive sports training atmosphere.

I learned from this season of I'll Take That Dare that this kind of fitness regime really isn't for me. I'm more of a Bollywood dancing, Zumba-my-heart-out kind of girl.

But I think that those of you who played on a team in high school or college would LOVE D1 training. It really brings back the feel of training for team sports, and I could tell that was the appeal for many of the adults who turned out for boot camp sessions.

That said, I want to know now if YOU'D try a workout at D1. Would you choose boot camp, or would you go all out like I did and demand what I call "The Tim Tebow Special"?

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