Ricki Lake's Post-'DWTS' Weight Confession Is Truly Refreshing

ricki lakeFrom Hairspray star to '90s talk show sensation, natural childbirth advocate to Dancing With the Stars contestant, Ricki Lake seems to be constantly reinventing herself. Next up: The return of her uber-popular talk show, The Ricki Lake Show, set to premiere September 10. Add in the fact that she's a newlywed (married to hubby Christian Evans for three months), and it sounds like Ricki's on top of the world.

But she recently told People mag there's one thing she still wants to do, something most women say they want to do ... "I'd like to lose 10 pounds -- just like everyone," Ricki confesses. Even though she was in probably the best shape of her life right after Dancing With the Stars, she admits that keeping that up would be "impossible."


Elaborating, Ricki said:

I'm definitely not in as good as shape as I was on DWTS. Part of me gets mad at myself that I didn't keep it up -- but it's impossible. I'm not dancing for seven hours a day anymore. I can't maintain that.

No kidding! Who could?! I mean, Kirstie Alley may want us to believe she can, but we see how well her sketchy weight loss claims are going over.

But it's not like Ricki doesn't deserve a major pat on the back for what she has kept up. Currently between a size 6 and 8, the 43-year-old describes herself as "not fat, and I'm not a size 4. I'm constantly working every day not to beat myself up for it."

Oh man, my heart goes out to her. For women like Ricki and me who have been challenged by weight maintenance from adolescence on, it is a constant uphill battle not to beat yourself up. To not fixate on setbacks and to give yourself credit for your successes. But I've definitely learned a little self-compassion goes a long way when it comes to getting the results you want.

Good for Ricki for striving to go easier on herself and setting realistic goals -- like upping her workouts. Seems like overall, she has a healthy perspective on her weight and well-being. Can't wait to see what her first season back on the daytime talk show circuit brings!

Can you relate to Ricki's feelings on weight loss?

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