Incredible Dog Saves Woman's Life by Detecting Her Breast Cancer

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cavalier king charles spanielIn an amazing, heartfelt story out of the U.K., a 43-year-old dog owner named Sharon Rawlinson says her Cavalier King Charles spaniel Penny basically saved her life by detecting her breast cancer. For months, the dog had been smelling and nuzzling at the area where an aggressive tumor was growing. "She would gently paw me as if she was trying to get something out of my left breast, but I ignored it," Rawlinson admits.

She said that eventually, "there was something in the back of my mind telling me not to ignore her." And in January, she finally got up the courage to have her her breast checked out. Thankfully, the doctors were able to start her on chemo in March, and surprise -- ever since, the dog has stopped pawing the area!

Rawlinson, who is having her tumor removed on Monday, told The Sun of Penny:

She's my guardian angel. We bonded straight away when she was a puppy but this is just amazing. I feel she was sent here just for me and she never leaves my side. If it hadn't been for Penny's persistence, I wouldn't have gone for a check-up.

So amazing. And this isn't the first time I've heard of an animal having a sixth sense about disease. As recently as this past spring, a woman credited her cat with "diagnosing" her breast cancer. Seems to me like it pays to listen to what our animals are trying to tell us. They're obviously quite attuned to our well-being.

As Rawlinson said, "Dogs are not just a man's best friend, they’re a girl's best friend too. Who needs diamonds?" Too sweet!

Do you believe Rawlinson owes her life to her dog?

Image via Shames Privacy/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Mike M

Yes, but the dog was just acting as a medium for her soul. Her soul did not need her body to go through a more severe experience of breast cancer and as it is up to us to know/figure out what our soul needs to in order to become more enlightened the dog was good instigator that led her to make the decision to have her breasts checked. (If we could have everything in life be the way we wanted it to be then we'd be quite spoiled and our soul would become less spiritually enlightened rather than more spiritually enlightened. And our soul typically does not want to suffer [being less enlightened means that life in the spirit world is less pleasant, less enjoyable, and more limited] because we wish to be spoiled.)

Cherri Westbrook

My dog also reacted to my breast cancer. She would not leave my side before or since my diagnosis. I thought it was because we had moved to a new house. Weeks later I was diagnosed...she has been one of my biggest supporters and caregivers! She still won't leave my side!

sally... sallyjohnson48

What a moving story! I'm so glad I came across this during my search for <a href="">atlanta leak detection</a>. This is one I'll definitely pass on to others.

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