Jordin Sparks' Dramatic Weight Loss Is a Big Disappointment

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shape coverI always thought Jordin Sparks was an amazing role model. Not just because of that amazing voice or even her generally squeaky clean image. She was also a great example of a Hollywood success story that wasn't stick thin.

Well, so much for that. On the August cover of Shape Magazine, Sparks flaunts her new physique after a jaw-dropping 50-pound weight loss. Don't get me wrong, she looks AMAZING. But the sad fact is, she was one of the few plus-size stars girls could look up to.

Once upon a time, Sparks embraced her ample curves. She was even a spokesmodel for the plus-size clothing line Torrid. "Jordin's enthusiasm for her music and her message of loving yourself and being proud of who you are, curves and all, has really inspired our team and our customers," the brand's president Chris Daniel once said.

It certainly was an inspiration to her many fans. She was upbeat, successful, and most important, happy with herself. Or so we all thought. After a bout with walking pneumonia, she changed her tune. "I remember thinking, 'I'm in my prime. I should be happy and fit,' she told Shape. "That was the moment I decided that changes needed to be made." That's when she started watching her portions and began hiking and taking Zumba dance classes.

I can't say I am totally surprised by her dramatic slim down. Newly thin stars often say they dropped the weight for health reasons, but we all know there is intense pressure to be thin in show business, regardless of how "plump and proud" they claimed to be. Case in point, Jennifer Hudson may have won an Oscar when she was still a big girl, but her career really skyrocketed after she lost 80 pounds. Now you can't turn on the TV without hearing her sing the praises of being thin in a Weight Watchers commercial.

It's great that Sparks is healthy and happy, I just wish young girls had more plus-size stars to look up to along with all those size 0s out there.

Are you impressed by Sparks' weight loss? Do you think plus-size stars are good role models for girls?

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nonmember avatar Lilianne

So she should stay "plus size" to make her fans happy even if she's not happy? Props to her for losing weight so that she feels "happy and fit". She looks fab at either weight.

banan... banana-bear

Why should she stay overweight so that other overweight people can feel good about themselves? She got to a healthy weight - she doesn't look too skinny at all. She looks normal and GOOD FOR HER!! Let her be herself, at whatever weight she feel comfortable with. 

nonmember avatar Ardvark

Why in the world would you want girls to look up to someone who isn't healthy? That's not a good role model. Props to Jordin Sparks for acknowledging the fact that she was overweight and unfit. Unlike so many others, she took responsibility for that fact and did something about it.

nonmember avatar KA

So are you saying that it's okay to be unhealthy?? She didn't get skinny, she got healthy. Shouldn't you be praising her for getting healthy instead of criticizing her for not being overweight anymore? It shouldn't be ok to be overweight, nor should it be ok to be super skinny. We should all aim for the middle ground & do the very best we can to get there.

sweet... sweet.lil.mama

She looks good, definitely not a size 2. She looks like a size 8. Perfectly fine, what's wrong with being healthy, she's not anorexic

nonmember avatar srs

This has to be one of the most ridiculous articles I have ever read. As a registered dietitian I see people on a daily basis that are comfortable or have come to terms with being overweight or obese. They should not be looking up to anyone "their size" as a role model. We know for a fact the effects that being overweight has on health and quality of life. Everyone (skinny, obese young or old)should look at this young lady as a role model. It should not be frowned upon that she has decided at a young age to take control of her health and avoid the risk of developing diabete, cardiovascular disease or even cancer due to being over weight.

CanCa... CanCan123

She looks friggin A-MA-ZING!!!!! Good Job Girl! If anything she gives me motivation to be healthier and more fit! Ive never wanted to be super skinny just healthy and fit.

bingo... bingogurl

I'm happy she slimmed down. I liked her before and like her even more now because she is wanting to be healthy. I say this also because I just lost 10 lbs in 4 months and its such a good feeling to know that I'm prolonging my life by slimming down. 

bills... billsfan1104

She looks great and doesnt look stick thin.

bills... billsfan1104

And besides isnt this what your hero Michelle Obama squawks about all the time? Eat right, eat healthy, our country is too fat and so on.

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