5 Easy Ways to Lose the Weight You Gained on Vacation

Girl on VacationVacations. They're the best and the worst. Best because, well, who doesn't love taking a break from their day-to-day and experience a fun (hopefully warm and sunny) place for a while, right? Worst, though, because of the post-vacation rut.

I just got out of one myself. My five glorious days with friends in Puerto Rico were an absolute blast. A little too much fun for my waistline, though. One-too-many piña coladas later, I knew I had to get my rear back in gear ... and fast.

Sound a little too familiar? It's OK, you're not alone. Check out these 5 easy tips for getting out of the post-vacation rut:


1. Up the water intake: Generally there's a whole lot of extra sugary beverages consumed on vacation. Whether they're alcoholic or not, sweet juices and specialty drinks are chock-full of calories that we usually avoid. To counteract the belly bloat, up your water intake and try to get in at least eight 8 oz. glasses per day. Of course, that magic amount of water depends on your diet and activity level.

2. More sleep is key: Vacations can be relaxing, but oftentimes you get home with a serious sleep deficit. Catch some extra zzz's this week and allow your body appropriate time to recover.

3. Get active in every way possible: Whether it's taking the stairs up to your office instead of the elevator or parking a little bit farther away from the mall to squeeze in extra cardio -- getting extra active will really pay off post-vacation. Of course, getting in the recommended 30 to 60 minutes three times per week is key as well.

4. Give up the extras: No, you don't need that late afternoon Frappuccino OR that third latte in the morning. Try to be restrictive with the way you treat yourself, and reward your progress with items other than food. You know, like that new Michael Kors watch you've been longing for.

6. Up your veggie intake: Vegetables are a very rich source of fiber and, resultantly, a natural aid for better digestion. Instead of reaching for crackers after lunch, choose celery sticks or carrots instead. You'll be getting essential vitamins while keeping your calorie intake on the low.

How do you beat the post-vacation blues?


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