Pantyliner Ad Mentions 'Vagina' & People Freak Out

carefree ad new zealand vagina dischargeWomen have spoken, and we want companies trying to sell us pantyliners and tampons to start speaking more realistically! Enough of this Ana Steele "down there" insanity! How about some "vagina" with a side of "discharge"? Oh, I'm sorry, are those words too much? That's what some viewers are saying after seeing a new commercial for Carefree pantyliners, which just recently aired for the first time in New Zealand.

The ad features a nude spokeswoman, covered up by some lovely floaty white flowers (typical), actually discussing how the discharge we get around the middle of our cycles, or ovulation, is healthy and natural! OMG. And guess what? She even says it comes out of our ... vaginas! Not our "hoo-ha," "lady garden," or other ambiguous or borderline-derogatory term. Whoohoo!

Clearly, venturing into usually hush-hush territory like this was a bold, but also highly orchestrated move ...


The Carefree campaign spokeswoman Debbie Selikman said the company wanted to cut through the taboo surrounding the word vagina. She said, "It's the first time a major brand has had the guts to use real words, not euphemisms or diminutive terms," and noted that Carefree's research found women wanted ads to refer to their anatomy using proper terminology. Hell yes we do!

Well, some of us do, I suppose. Others are irate at the idea of a pantyliner company using words directly related to their product and to female body functions and anatomy. The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) says the ad received five complaints as soon as it was launched. Really?! How sad is that?

Seems like no matter how much progress we make, there's always going to be someone crying and boo-hoo'ing that we ought to go back to the Dark Ages. But most modern women will likely applaud this ad and feel like -- finally! -- advertisers are saying there's absolutely nothing wrong with our bodies (or its fluids)! And that is certainly something to celebrate.

You can check out the ad here for yourself ...


Are you psyched to see that a pantyliner company is finally using these words?

Image via StopPressNZ/YouTube

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