Emily Maynard's Bikini Body Is No Thanks to Exercise

Emily MaynardUnless she has incredibly ridiculous genetics, Bachelorette Emily Maynard must be doing something to maintain that bikini body. I mean, have you seen this woman? She looks like a photoshopped Victoria's Secret ad except she's, you know, not photoshopped.

Believe it or not, Emily's not even big on exercise. When asked by Shape Magazine about her fitness routine, Emily laughed: "Does kissing boys count as exercise?"

If that does count as exercise, then Emily's been hitting the gym ... hard. Okay, so she may not be an actual fitness guru, but when it comes to eating right, Emily's got that down. In fact, she's revealed her one major weight loss tip that is so surprisingly simple, I'm kind of annoyed I didn't think of it myself.

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Emily confessed:

I have a slight addiction to diet coke that I’m trying to curb, but for now I make myself drink a glass of water every time I crave it.

This idea is pure genius. Being an avid Coke drinker myself, I can really relate to Emily's cravings. I've been trying to find new ways to kick my bad habit for months and I've failed miserably time and time again. Who knew that a little H2O could be the answer to all of my soda-related problems?

By the looks of Emily in a bikini, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this tip definitely works. And I'm pretty sure her 25 potentials are more than pleased with the results.

Will you try Emily's weight loss tip?

Image via ABC

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Donna Taylor

I gave up diet coke and would die to wake up and have the figure she has. HA- I had it going on at her age too, but now that I am 48, not so much! :(


jaxmadre jaxmadre

If not drinking diet soda--or any soda--was all you needed to do to have a body like hers then I'd have it. Pretty sure it's more than that.

nonmember avatar michelle

Emily is a twenty-something gifted with a fantastic metabolism. The mere suggestion that this is a "weight loss tip" is absolutely ludicrous. Actually, diet sodas have been linked to all kinds of health issues and just because they don't have as many calories doesn't make them "better" for you. Try again.

nonmember avatar bloom

"does kissing boys count as exercise." If my teenager said this, I would smack her. Hearing it from the grown mother of a girl makes me want to vomit...and then smack her. Also, who didn;t have a perfect body in her 20s?? I lived on fast food and was thin and toned. Now, I do have to work harder, and she will too, let her live in her blissful ignorance for now.

nurse... nursesharon

She is such a beautiful girl and seems genuinely nice. I wish I could look like that! And I feel bad for all of these ppl thar r under a microscope like she is and can't even say she likes diet coke or makes a joke about kissing. Lighten up folks.

Water... Water_geM

and by kissing boys she means i wake my ass up at 5 int he morning  i run

Water... Water_geM

damn it my kids presed rthe enter button while i was away.

Water... Water_geM

up at 5 in the morning,to run for about an hour..followed by strength training.

and bloom,there are lots of people in their 20s with less than perfect bodies..

nonmember avatar Laura

Can I put in a word for Zevia? I buy it at Whole Foods. It's made with neither sugar nor chemical sweetner. I don't find it addictive. (I have found both sugar drinks and chemical sweetner drinks addictive.)

Christina Ann Reyes

Emily has had plastic surgery. Another score for the lying media!

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