Jessica Simpson's Extreme Diet Rumor Is Way Off Plan

jessica simpsonRidiculous rumors tend to abound when it comes to most celebs' weight loss, but Jessica Simpson seems to be an exceptional case. The tabs just can't stop coming up with the wackadoo stories about how Jess is going to extremes to drop her post-baby pounds. One of the most "out there" tales of late comes to us courtesy of The National Enquirer, in which a source reports that Jess is doing an "internal cleanse" to speed up her weight loss.

According to this oh-so-reliable source, Jess routinely ingests "crazy concoctions of maple syrup, lemon juice, beets, herbal laxative tea, cayenne pepper, etc." (which sounds like an amped-up version of The Master Cleanse Beyonce and other celebs have been rumored to do to slim down). And then the lovely story goes into minute detail about how this kooky cleanse causes her to "stink up the whole house." Oh, isn't that lovely!


Thankfully, a "Simpson family insider" told Gossip Cop that the story is "not true" and she's not doing any such "internal cleansing," which we can only hope also rules out irresponsible detoxing, Master Cleansing, or any other extreme attempts to "speed up" weight loss.

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We can only hope she's steering clear of anything like this, because it has absolutely nothing to do with Weight Watchers ... you know, that enormously popular weight loss plan she signed a contract to follow! It's not like cleanses are forbidden on Weight Watchers -- members are given a lot of freedom on the plan -- but attempting to force the scale any faster with a ridiculous "magic bullet" like the Master Cleanse is pretty much the opposite of what the company preaches -- which is slow, steady, sustainable, maintainable weight loss through healthy eating and physical activity. 

I definitely believe this cleansing story is bunk, but given all the other buzz out there about the pressure Jess has been feeling to get the weight off ASAP, fingers crossed she doesn't fall victim to any other totally asanine "quick fixes" which could only detract from the true task at hand.

How ridiculous is this story? Do you agree quick fixes like crazy detoxes are a waste of time?

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