Clown Porn Queen Dies of Breast Cancer at Just 30 Years Old

hollie stevens blogHollie Stevens wasn't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill porn star. She was called the "Queen of Clown Porn," because she was a trailblazing icon in adult films where women are, well, dressed like clowns. Freaky stuff. But before dying of breast cancer on July 3, the adult performer said she only wished she could be remembered for her roles as a wife and friend, which she loved "more than anything." When she died she was just 30 years old. As shocking as it sounds, the disease does claim women that young.

Reportedly, two major factors in Hollie's totally tragic, premature death were that she did not have health insurance and, thus, couldn't access decent health care. When she first found a lump on her breast, she couldn't see a doctor, she told The San Francisco Weekly. But in January of last year, after the lump hadn't gone away, she "freaked out" and saw someone, discovering that she did indeed have cancer.


She was able to seek medical treatment and have a lot of her medical bills covered, receive eight treatments of chemo and a mastectomy, thanks to a health care program called Health San Francisco. But it wasn't enough ... Hollie soon learned she had bone cancer as well, followed by a return of the cancer in her breast and cancer in her liver. The cancer was just too widely spread and aggressive. She died of stage 3 metastatic breast cancer, with her husband and the love of her life, Eric, by her side.

It's shocking to think that a vibrant young woman's life was taken by a kind of cancer we just don't think of as affecting those of us who are barely out of our 20s. But at the same time, Hollie's tragic end is an eye-opener.

According to the Young Survival Coalition: Young Women Facing Breast Cancer Together, women ages 15 to 34 die more frequently from breast cancer than any other cancer. However, the likelihood of developing breast cancer in your 20s is possible, it's also very unlikely (about as likely as a 74-year-old man being diagnosed). But we still should be taking proper precautions (like breast self-exam and routine doctors' visits ... if you can afford insurance, which hopefully we'll all be more likely to, thanks to Obamacare) and knowing our family history is imperative. The bottom-line is that clearly, none of us are 100 percent immune at any age.

Hollie may have been a sex worker, but she was also clearly a vibrant, beautiful, average 30-year-old. Along with her devotion to her husband and her friends, I hope Hollie is remembered for her valiant, fearless fight.

Does Hollie's story shock you?

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