Woman Battling Late Stage Cancer Forced to Fight Bank to Stay in Her Home (VIDEO)

cindi davisEvery day, thousands of Americans are fighting breast cancer. At the same time, thousands are also battling their banks to prevent foreclosure on their homes. One woman in North Carolina is doing both, because she says the cost of treating her stage 4 breast cancer has made it so she and her husband cannot afford to pay the high rate their bank, Wells Fargo, is demanding to let them stay in their home.

Cindi Davis and her husband have been in and out of foreclosure since 2008, and now, they're faced with a sobering situation: They can afford "maybe half" of the $900 a month the bank is asking for. In the meantime, she says she pays $1,100 a month in prescription meds. What a nightmare ...


Reportedly, Cindi and her husband have tried to work with the bank, even sending notes from her doctors explaining her condition ... For instance, the cancer is in her lungs, lymph nodes, and on her liver and she's gone through a double mastectomy and multiple chemotherapy treatments. But no matter. So far, there's been no relief from the bank.

Cindi told local news station WCNC:

They’re just going to put us out and it’s like, we are willing to pay what we can pay, but it’s not enough.

How terribly stressful must this be for her and her husband? Being forced to fight a fatal disease and possibly losing her home almost seems like too much to bear. Not to mention that collectively, it all has to be taking an tremendous toll on her mind and body.

Call me naive, but thinking that we live in a country where a bank is too corporate, cold, and distant to work one-on-one with someone like Cindi for a solution is appalling. You'd think in a case like this, they could be a bit more, well, human about their decisions to take an already embattled family out of their home.

Here's the WCNC report on Cindi ...


What do you make of Cindi's situation?

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