Kate Upton Is Not Fat With Floppy Boobs Like Pro-Anorexia Site Says (VIDEO)

kate uptonLet me be clear: I have nothing against Kate Upton. Was I grossed out when sleazeball fashion photog Terry Richardson made that soft core YouTube video of her dancing in a bikini? Yes, because the whole thing reeked of exploitation and the misappropriation of youth and dirty old men. NOT, however, because Kate Upton looked "fat" in any way, shape, or form. Because despite what some fiendishly self-hating "pro-skinny" bloggers are saying, Kate Upton is not fat!! But perhaps more importantly, the people who seem to think Kate Upton is fat are not okay. They're very, very sick. And their rants about Kate Upton's supposed "floppy" boobs and "huge" thighs and overall "squishy brick" figure are going to end up making a lot of other very, very sick people even worse.

I'm not sure when "pro-anorexia" websites decided they'd stop getting kicked off the Internet if they labeled themselves "pro-skinny" -- or why it seems to actually be working -- but they need to go away. NOW.


Because, while it might not seem that groundbreaking to see a model walking down the runway in a swimsuit who's maybe three or four pounds heavier than the other models, it's kind of a really big deal. Especially if you happen to be suffering from an eating disorder and you're already compelled to compare the contours of your body to those of every other woman you see and criticize yourself accordingly. Look, Kate Upton is thin -- it's not like she represents plus size acceptance or something. But the fact that she doesn't look like she's malnourished and society still says she looks hot in a swimsuit is like one small step for women, one giant leap for women with body dysmorphic disorders.

Seriously. If anything good can come out of this, hopefully it will be the realization that hateful and harmful websites like the one that slammed Kate, SkinnyGossip, still exist and are still screwing with people's heads.

Do you think Kate Upton has "floppy" boobs and "huge" thighs?

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