Excedrin Recall Giving You a Migraine? Try These 6 Alternatives (VIDEO)

migraineBad news for some of you who suffer from migraines: Six months after Novartis issued a massive recall of Excedrin (along with a few other products), it's still missing from store shelves.

The company says it plans to restart making its meds on a "line-by-line, product-by-product basis" and start restocking some products later in the year. But they didn't say which "line" they're starting with. Because it's more fun to keep us guessing!

Everyone's migraine headache is different, but what if this over-the-counter med just happened to be the silver bullet that reliably killed yours? Time to revisit those alternative migraine remedies.


I don't get migraines, but I have friends who get them and they've tried a long list of remedies. They say it's just about finding the right combination of treatments and then constantly tweaking that combo -- with the close supervision of your doctor, of course!

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Hormone therapy: For some women, migraine headaches are tied to their production of estrogen. So (very, very carefully) managing their hormones through birth control pills or injections can sometimes help.

Cranial sacral therapy: The therapist puts their hands on you and tunes into your "cranialsacral rhythm." It's kind like of a head massage but more is involved.

Acupuncture: Recent research shows this can help relieve migraine pain.

Yoga: If nothing else, this can help relax and revive you in between migraine headaches. But some positions are believed to help treat migraine sufferers.

Gluten-free: There may be a link between eating gluten and migraine headaches.

Supplements: Magnesium supplements can help relieve premenstrual migraines. Some people have found relief from other supplements like riboflavi (vitamin B2), CoQ10, feverfew, and butterbur.

So there's that. Or there's the Excedrin black market. Are you ready to go covert and pay extra for relief?

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Do you get migraines? What works for you?


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