5 Ways to Kick Back Like a Celebrity (VIDEO)

sarah james showHey moms, you remember to make time for yourself every day, right? Okay, okay -- stop laughing. Since I became a mom 11 years ago, my concept of "alone time" has gone from a 2-hour yoga class to a 2 whole minutes in the bathroom without somebody's little fists banging on the door: MOM!!! That's what's so great about this episode of The Sarah James Show from CafeMom Studios: Sarah's guest is Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Author Larysa Didio! And she has some seriously useful tips for moms of every stripe, even those of us who aren't celebs (yet).


1. Get out of the house! You need space, a change of scenery, You need to cleanse your mental palate. If you don't have a babysitter or nanny, Didio suggests swapping childcare with a neighbor.

2. Do something relaxing -- even if it's not "relaxing." James likes to organize her closet. Didio is "in love" with her vaccum cleaner. More power to you, ladies.

3. Take tiny breaks. Literally 30 seconds of stretching or breathing deeply can take the edge off when you don't have 20 minutes for a jog or a mini-nap.

4. Hit the bubbly. No, not that kind of bubbly -- once the kids are in bed, take your very own bubble bath. (Clear the toys out of the tub first.)

5. Listen to your heart. Grab a journal and go to a coffee shop, or if that's impossible, just shut the door to your room and jot down your thoughts for the day.

How do you find time to kick back?

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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