Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Aimee Copeland Leaves Hospital: What's Next? (VIDEO)

aimee copelandAimee Copeland, the 24-year-old woman from Georgia who has battled a flesh-eating disease since a May 1 zip-lining accident, was released from the hospital yesterday. Considering what the poor woman has been through and how dire the situation sounded at certain points, it seems like she's made an incredibly swift and miraculous turnaround, right? A recent photo even showed her grinning when her parents took her outside for the first time since the ordeal began.

Still, although things are really looking up for Aimee, she does have a way to go until she's as recovered as can be ...


As you may recall, surgeons had to amputate her left leg, right foot, hands, and had multiple skin grafts after tissue was removed from her abdomen, so Aimee's next step will be to enter a rehab facility for an undetermined amount of time. 

Apparently, she's facing the challenges that lie ahead of her in the best possible way: With an amazingly positive attitude. Her father, who has reported that his daughter has been using meditation to control her pain, told CNN:

Aimee is very excited, like a kid going off to college, but she also realizes that rehab will be arduous. But she says she will handle it. ... This next step is her opportunity to go (to) the next phase and learn something, be able to rehabilitate and basically relearn her life skills. She needs to be able to develop the autonomy to be able to transfer from her bed to a wheelchair to the shower to the bathroom or anywhere else in the house. And she can do it.

This isn't an ordinary victim we're talking about here. Given how strong, determined, and upbeat she's already proven herself to be, I don't doubt her father in the least. This young woman has the power and the attitude to heal herself! In fact, I'm sure she'll exceed everyone's expectations once again in rehab and in the next phase of her life.

More here on what Aimee faces ahead ...

Are you inspired by Aimee's journey? Do you think she'll be able to take on the challenges that lie ahead?


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