The Weirdest Way to Get a Good Night's Sleep Is Pretty Cute (VIDEO)

polar bear snoring pillowWe all know getting a good night's sleep is super-important, right? Because lack of sleep is linked to all manner of health problems, from obesity to depression to diabetes to breast cancer to leprosy (okay, not really that last one. But I wouldn't be surprised! According to the most recent study, missing a night's sleep is as bad for the immune system as physical stress!). And we all know that snoring definitely messes with getting a good night's sleep, whether you're the one who's snoring or you're "sleeping" next to somebody who's snoring. What we didn't know, until now, was how to make that noisy nighttime problem shut the hell up go away.

Enter "Jukusui-Kun," the Japanese polar bear shaped robot/pillow designed to help people with sleep apnea stop snoring. Well, of course! (Forehead smack.) Why didn't anybody think of this before? A polar bear! Makes perfect sense. Right?


Okay, honestly I have no idea why the inventors of the "Jukusui-Kun" (which means "Deep Sleep") went with the polar bear theme, but the science checks out: See, there's a microphone hidden in the polar bear/pillow and a pulse-oxygen meter (shaped like yet another polar bear) attached to the snoring person's hand. So when you (or whoever) goes to sleep, the pillow/meter can tell if you're snoring because your oxygen level drops and/or your noise level goes up. Then the robot "tickles" your face with its big polar bear paw to trick you into turning over on your side, which is supposed to make you stop snoring. 

Um, sure. Why not? (Hey, it's definitely a way more adorable solution than smothering your partner/being smothered by your partner with a regular old pillow.) Watch:


I only have one question after watching this video: Does the Jukusui-Kun work if don't you wear a suit and tie to bed instead of pajamas?

Would you try the Jukusui-Kun?


Image via CScoutJapan/YouTube

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