Giuliana Rancic's Public Breast Cancer Battle Was a Gift to Other Women (VIDEO)

giuliana rancicAww! Giuliana Rancic and pop star Kylie Minogue are totally BFFs now. I guess we should have seen it coming, as both were diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36 and both chose to face their disease very bravely and very publicly. When famous ladies recently bonded on an episode of E!'s Fashion Police, Giuliana confessed to Kylie that after getting diagnosed, she read her story online, and "it gave me the strength to go public as well. Your story helped me, and I thought, huh, my story could help someone else."

Who knew Kylie played such an integral role in helping Giuls make the decision to "go public"? Then again, it's not as if Giuliana really would have had much of a choice ... 


For all women, a cancer diagnosis is deeply personal, but for celebrities like Giuls and Kylie, there's an unavoidable public element as well. Not only because fighting the disease may throw a wrench in their rigorous work (filming, touring, red carpets galore, etc.), but because they may find that they feel a responsibility to their fans to share the news. Because it could potentially educate or comfort other women. As Giuliana noted, just getting her story out there would likely help someone else who has found herself in the same shoes ...

Kylie agreed that "going public" was very much the right thing for her to do, explaining:

I don't know how you could not tell the story. ... When you find yourself in that situation you are looking for things to grasp on to, so if there is a particular story you can relate to, or that can help you, then I'm honored that I'm able to do that for other people.

Of course women like Giuliana and Kylie are more than entitled to their privacy and can give the public as much or as little as they are comfortable with when it comes to something as devastating as cancer. But, in the end, it sounds like both ladies were pleased with the positive effects "coming out" of the cancer afforded them ... and their followings.

Here's the full clip of the two bonding ...

Do you agree Giuliana and Kylie did other women a favor by going public?

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