Jessica Simpson Has to Tell the Truth About Her Weight Loss

jessica simpsonSeems like even though she's got her days full with workouts and hanging out with baby Maxwell, Jessica Simpson has caught wind of the buzz about her weight loss plan. Rumors were swirling earlier this week that the new mama and new Weight Watchers spokeswoman may have signed a contract requiring her to lose 50 pounds in just five months. Whose idea it was to come up with that rather unrealistic, tight timeline was not clear, but Jess took to Twitter last night to clarify ...

She tweeted, "Just so everyone knows...Weight Watchers hasn't put ANY pressure on me! I'm trying to be as healthy as I can be for myself and I feel great!" Well, whew! I appreciate Jess being so forthcoming, and hopefully, this isn't just damage control. Because really, she has no choice but to be 100 percent honest.


That's what happens when you sign up to be a high-profile weight loss spokesperson. While pre-baby, her weight struggles were (technically) a personal matter, now they're very much a public one. Now that she's selling the plan, she's gotta put it allll out there. (Good thing she's already sort of known for being cool with that! Sure that's one big reason WW signed her.)

And even if Weight Watchers hasn't pushed her to hit a certain goal weight by a specific date, the deal alone has to be putting pressure on her. Everyone's looking to her for results now! And whether it's healthy or not, the faster those results show, the better, because unfortunately, speedy (not necessarily 100 percent healthy) weight loss is what grabs our attention, what we buy into.

With hope, Jess really is working off the baby weight in the healthiest way possible and for the right reasons. Because although she has set herself up to be a shining example of Weight Watchers success and role model for millions of women, and she may have a contract and a goal to reach, in the end, those aspects must come second. For genuine, lasting change, our gal Jess has gotta be doing it for herself.

Do you believe Jessica's tweet? Do you think she's under too much pressure to lose the weight fast?


Image via John VanderHaagen/Flickr

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