Paula Deen's 30-Pound Weight Loss Is No Fluke

Paula Deen Loses 30 PoundsPaula Deen looks bomb. There, I said it. The Food Network star has lost 30 pounds within six months of announcing she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I can't even lie, I'm super proud. I wasn't exactly surprised to find out Deen's diabetes news considering her buttertastic cooking habits. The 65-year-old is on the cover of People this week talking about shedding the pounds:

"I do think differently now. I'm more aware," said Deen. "If you make a few small changes, they can add up to big results."

Wow. How refreshing it is to hear a big name talk realistically about eating healthy and dropping pounds. Deen has a point, too. It's not all about completely changing your diet. It's about tweaking it to live happily and, more importantly, healthily.


When you finally come to terms with the idea that you have to lose weight, it's hard to think long term. I've been there. You want to lose the weight, and you want it to happen fast. However, a way to ensure success is by doing what Deen suggests, making tweaks to your diet that are part of a healthier lifestyle you can maintain. Instead of completely cutting out carbs, for example, you can find a way to eat them in moderation. Instead of eating pasta with garlic bread, choose one or the other.

For Deen, her easy swaps have been trading in mashed potatoes for Greek salads and fried foods for baked. Sounds easy enough, right? When I went through a big weight loss phase, I opted for yogurt and fruit in the mornings instead of two large bowls of cereal -- and changed from grinder rolls at lunchtime to low-carb wraps.

Small changes, my friends. Kudos to Deen for making a necessary life change. She says she wants to stay on the weight loss train, so let's see if she can stick to it!

Have you ever been successful at shedding pounds? If so, what are your secrets?


Image via People

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