Jessica Simpson's Actual Weight Loss Goal Is Absolutely Absurd

jessica simpson leaving gym
Jessica Simpson leaving the gym.
Although they do tend to have access to personal chefs and trainers known to tighten up their famous bodies on a tight timeline (see: Beyonce), celebs' even quicker weight loss fix is often, unfortunately plastic surgery or a extreme, Gwyneth Paltrow-ish diet. But new mama Jessica Simpson -- who we all know really wanted to be in a size 4 like the day after she gave birth -- seemed to be headed down on a healthier route to pare her postpartum pounds.

The pop star-turned-pro-fashionista signed up with Weight Watchers, which you would think would mean she'd be aiming to lose the safe, gradual, and advised one to two max pounds a week. But NO. InTouch is reporting that Jessica's weight loss goal is to lose 50 pounds in just five months (!!!). Talk about a totally stressful way to set yourself up to fail!


As a Lifetime Weight Watcher myself, reading this has steam coming out of my ears. It was just the other week my leader was talking about how her own goal of trying to drop 10 pounds in a few short weeks for a wedding was a bad idea, because we do better when we set realistic,  "S.M.A.R.T." (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) goals.

To be fair, losing 50 pounds in five months really only means losing 2.5 pounds a week, which isn't like trying to lose 5 pounds a week. (Something men seem to be able to do but is unfortunately a super-rare occurrence for women.) Maaaaaybeby breastfeeding and working out for at least two hours a day and strictly adhering to her Points allotment, it's possible ... Still, for healthy postpartum weight loss, generally no more than 4½ pounds a month is recommended.

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And anytime you're trying to lose a significant amount of weight, there are going to be steps backward, weeks where you retain more water and gain a bit back, weeks when you stay the same on the scale, and weeks the scale simply doesn't reflect your efforts. As much as we wish it was, weight loss isn't black and white -- do X, and you'll definitely be down X amount in X time. It can't be a race, either. It's a delicate balancing act (I would think especially after having a baby) that requires dedication and patience.

Fellow Weight Watchers spokesperson Jennifer Hudson's success story seemed to reflect all of these basic tenants of healthy, lasting weight loss and maintenance! I don't recall her having to drop her 80 pounds on a rigorous timeline. On the contrary, remember how she didn't even want to tell Oprah how much she lost total, because she said her leader preferred that she focus on changing bad habits over pounds lost. Wise!

What's more, Jess's stress level seems to be through the roof. Feeling like you've got a gun to your head to lose weight is a recipe for disaster. Extra doses of belly fat-boosting stress hormones like cortisol should be considered a Weight Watcher's worst enemy.

Although I was initially dumbfounded and irate upon reading about Jess's timeline, now, I'm just feeling awful for her. Will it really be the end of the world if she doesn't hit her 130 pound goal in five months' time? Of course not! Wouldn't it be better for her to shed the pounds on a safe, realistic timeline -- even if that just means making the goal 7-9 months? (Not to mention that it's a complete disservice to women who are watching Jess beating herself up to lose the weight in an extreme way.) And worst of all ... is she going to end up feeling dreadfully disappointed and horrid about herself if she doesn't reach this arbitrary goal? If what the reports say is true, all signs sadly point to yes.


Do you agree Jess is under too much pressure to lose the weight?

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