'50 Shades of Grey' Workout Will 'Whip' You Into Shape

tied upWhat did you think when you read Fifty Shades of Grey Workout? I bet it was something about Getting in Shape So You Look Great Naked or Easy Exercises When You're Wearing Handcuffs or 101 Ways to Burn Calories With a Whip. Understandable. But no, I'm not talking about working out the part of your body that you can see, exactly. I'm talking about getting in shape from the inside out. If you will. Exercising a part of your body that most likely gets no attention when you go to the gym (and if it does, I think you're confused about the purpose of a "gym").

Look, I know you've done kegels. I've done kegels, you've done kegels, we've all done kegels because our Ob-Gyn told us doing kegels was the only thing that would stop us from wetting our pants every time we sneezed post-childbirth. But the truth is, kegels just aren't sexy.


I mean, we don't think of Christian Grey doing bad things when we think of kegels, we think of ... wetting our pants when we sneeze.

But kegels are still way important for sexy time, so we've found a few items to make the exercise more fun:

1. The Kegelcisor. Don't let the term "vaginal barbell" scare you. This "patented stainless steel tool" tones your most important muscles and doubles as a sex toy (apparently). Plus it looks badass.

2. The Vibrating Egg. Did you know that in ancient times, "women used stone or jade eggs to squeeze on to exercise their vaginal muscles"? Me neither. But hey, we modern gals sure are lucky -- the Soft Touch Remote Vibrating Egg does the same thing -- AND it buzzes!

3. The Kegelmaster. Any device with the word "master" in its name is obviously appropriate for a Fifty Shades workout. And according to the website, "the fact is a woman cannot perform an effective Kegel Exercise or even a true Kegel exercise without some form of targeted resistance." Enter the Kegelmaster. Oh god, I didn't mean it like that. Although ... um, anyway.

4. Ben Wa Balls. Around for almost as long as the jade egg, there's quite a variety of these weighted balls on the market: Some are connected with a string, some are metal, some are glass, some are covered in silicone ... but they all aim to please. And, of course, work those muscles.

Will you try the Fifty Shades of Grey Workout?


Image via Hanna-/Flickr

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