'50 Shades of Grey' Lets Women Eat in Front of Men Without Shame

eatingThe majority of the scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey are nothing short of, well -- extremely erotic and very blush-worthy. Most of Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele's relationship is based solely on sex, but then there are those few times in the book when he actually seems like he might think of her as more than just his love slave. (I said few times.)

For example, isn't it kind of sweet and nurturing that he wants to make sure she's taken care of -- and gets enough to eat? And not only that -- Christian actually wants (and likes) to see Ana eat good, healthy meals that nourish her body to give her enough energy for, well, you know.


And even though Fifty Shades of Grey is fiction, we can definitely learn a thing or two from the book about how to have a more positive relationship with food -- and not feel guilty and shameful about enjoying a decent meal.

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So many women are afraid to eat in front of the man they're in a relationship with because they don't want to be perceived as being unhealthy or someone who overindulges. I can remember going on plenty a date in my younger years and ordering a light salad off the restaurant menu because I was too embarrassed to order a steak and a fat baked potato, which is what I really wanted. I was just so preoccupied with my body image and not appearing fat, and figured it made me more attractive to eat like a bird. And I think many women fall into the same trap as I did by getting so focused on dieting and being thin that there's really no enjoyment in eating anymore.

In reality, I honestly think most men find a woman who isn't afraid to eat incredibly sexy. Men love when women are confident and sure of themselves, and being able to enjoy a good meal without worrying about what anyone else thinks is a very desirable quality. And aside from eating making us more attractive, it also keeps our bodies looking strong and healthy, which is something we all want and strive for anyway.

Eat up ladies -- if Christian Grey accepts & adores women who enjoy their food, then you should let yourself indulge too!

Are you embarrassed to eat in front of men?


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