Proof Miley Cyrus Is Not as Healthy as She Would Have Us Think

miley cyrus on balcony smoking with cheyne thomasRemember back when Britney Spears first took her glossy clean image and then stomped all over it by looking like trailer trash and smoking up a storm with then-boyfriend Kevin Federline? Yeah, so, despite having a sweet, much better looking and put-together fiance in Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus doesn't seem too far behind. She was recently spied smoking a cigarette on her Miami hotel room balcony with (supposedly purely platonic) BFF and assistant Cheyne Thomas. And there are several other pics floating around of the two lighting up recently. Gross!

Although this isn't the first time she's been caught with a death stick in her hand, these recent pics prove she's not nearly as health-conscious as she would have us believe ...


She's been smoking off and on for a while. But around New Year's, rumor had it she was resolving to quit "or at least cut back," because she knows how bad it is for her health and vocal chords.

But then, she started up with the major health push --  running to Pilates classes every five seconds, eating gluten and dairy-free, defending herself against anorexia claims, etc. All while showing off her "fit" body. You would think the girl would have realized in the midst of all of this that maybe it's more important for her to quit now. Why would you continue smoking after supposedly working so hard to be healthy? The obvious answer is addiction, but Miley has enough money and access to get the support to stop if she really wanted to. (Using the excuse of "Oh, but my friends are smokers, so it's too hard to quit!" doesn't cut it either.)

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No big surprise, though. I've been skeptical about Miley's version of healthy for a while now. She may be working out and eating gluten-free (which doesn't really mean anything, because gluten-free food can still be high in fat, sugar, chemicals, etc.), but that doesn't mean she's taking care of herself or doing away with a few bad habits. It's a shame. With a wedding to plan and a happy new future to look forward to, she should be making wiser choices around her well-being.

Are you disappointed to see Miley smoking? Do you think it proves she's not as healthy as she would have us believe?

Image via Splash News

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