Rihanna Hates Being a Size 0 And Misses Her Big Butt

RihannaRihanna and I, we aren't always on the same page. Sometimes I'm a little confused by her wackadoodle fashion sense, and to this day I can't comprehend why she's back to hangin' with Chris Brown.

You know where we see eye to eye, though? Body image. The "Umbrella" singer recently told Us magazine that she's not happy with her current weight.

"I'm a size 0 -- and not happy about it!" Rihanna said. "I went way too far. I prefer myself a bit chunkier. I want my old butt back!"

Gee, it's not every day you hear a celebrity complaining about being too small, eh? Whether or not I think her relationship with Chris is healthy, there's no denying that her self image totally is.


You've got to hand it to Rihanna for knowing what weight is best for her. The fact that she can recognize that she "went too far" and actually WANTS to make a change is admirable, especially considering the industry she's in. Does this mean she's going to head over to McDonald's and order three cheeseburgers? Probably not.

On a personal note, I can totally relate to what the 24-year-old singer's saying here. After dropping a ton of weight over the last few years -- I noticed something is missing for me too: my boobs. They're a full three sizes smaller now, and I miss 'em.

Would I go back to my previous weight just for some extra lovin' up top? Definitely not. I'm more comfortable this way. For Rihanna, having a booty is what makes her feel more comfy. I can totally respect that. I guess we'll just have to be on booty watch to see if she follows through!

Do you have an ideal weight? Have you ever gone too far dieting?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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