8 Really Annoying Things People Do at the Gym

Summer is here and that means working on your summertime tan (with the proper SPF, of course). It also means working on that bikini bod. And that means hitting the gym. And that means dealing with some annoying people who do not understand basic gym etiquette! Look, we're all in this thing together. We're all huffing, puffing, and trying like hell to whittle away those last few pounds or quarter of an inch. This is the time for us to band together and support each other. It's not the time to act like a selfish ass. But some people just can't seem to help themselves. Herewith, 8 Really Annoying Things some peeps insist on doing at the gym!


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Water fountain tailgater. So you're at the water fountain, either drinking or filling up your empty water bottle, and there's the person behind you cooling their heels and doing it NOT very subtly. Gimme a break here, I cannot control how fast the water comes out of the tap!

Creepy dude on machine in front of you. This is the guy who deliberately gets on a machine in front of you as you're doing your thing on the elliptical or treadmill, and he spends the entire time looking back at you, obviously checking you out. So rude! Dude, I'm trapped!

Hot dude on the machine in front of you. This is the guy who gets on the machine in front of you and you are totally enjoying checking him out but he never ONCE looks back at you like the creepy dude does. Hello, I'm right behind you!

Cellphone droppers. It seems wherever you go in the gym now, there's a cellphone. It's on your machine. It's on your bench. It's on your mat. Once I dropped a kettle ball only to have it roll right over someone's iPhone. People, WHY do you need cellphones at the gym?

Speaking of cellphones ... The ones who get on their cellphone on the elliptical and spend the whole time talking right next to you. Ugh. Thanks, I wanted to know every single thing going on in your life.

The machine chatter. These are the people who get on a machine and then don't use it. Nope, they just sit there chatting with someone else, sometimes their trainer! Waste of money, much? And not only are you taking up a machine, but you are NOT gonna lose any weight that way, buddy. Get movin'.

The splatterer. This is the person who sweats, coughs, or huffs all over a machine for an hour and then casually walks away from it without cleaning it. Gross!

The stuff draper. This is the person who drapes their jacket, their purse, their duffel bag, their towel, whatever it is, over the machine next to them. And then the draper actually looks irritated when you ask him to move it.

What gym habits annoy you?

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