'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell's Wedding Weight Loss Plan Is a Wise Move

catelynn lowellBetween taking classes, planning her wedding, and filming the last season of Teen Mom, Catelynn Lowell has her plate full these days. But that hasn't stopped her from eating better and exercising -- and it shows! Catelynn has reportedly dropped almost 20 pounds and 10 inches since September, and new photos show her looking not just trimmer, but happier and healthier, which is most important.

So the obvious question is: What the heck is she doing to slim down? Weight loss pills a la Snooki or Kim Kardashian? Growing her own veggies a la Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley? Some other wacky reality show star diet?

Nope! According to Hollywood Life, Catelynn did it by jumping on the Weight Watchers bandwagon. For those of you who aren't former or current inductees of the proprietary program, Weight Watchers use specially calculated "PointsPlus" (based on a food's dietary fiber, fat, carbs, and protein) and a daily PointsPlus target to pare pounds slowly ... and thus, safely and effectively.

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I'm sure, like most brides, Catelynn is doing the plan with hopes of being more fit on her wedding day. Granted, the weight will come off a bit slower than a crazy crash diet. But when you do Weight Watchers, you know you're going to be encouraged to be active while eating a balanced, nutritious diet that emphasizes whole foods. You know you're going to eat food you like, and you're not going to feel deprived.

And that's part of the deal, too -- you have to eat! No starvation diet is ever going to last or, sheesh, work! I know plenty of brides say they drop pounds simply by being stressed and not having time to eat, but for plenty of women, that's a binge disaster waiting to happen. And not eating can cause your metabolism to slow down and hold onto fat for dear life.

So, given how much Catelynn has going on, she was incredibly smart to choose a realistic, balanced lifestyle plan over a temporary, potentially dangerous diet. Not to mention -- she's in good company. Maybe she has some tips for WW newbie and new mom Jessica Simpson!

Do you agree Catelynn is going about weight loss the right way?


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

WW's Point system really works. A few years ago I lost nearly 70 lbs with it :) I'd suggest it to anyone wanting to lose 5lbs to 100lbs! You dont really feel deprived and it makes you actually LOOK at the food you're eating. Its worth it.

Becka Smith

I love weight watchers! got preggo so i had to stop officially going... but you learn to make better choices no matter if you are officially on the plan or not.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I saw a recent picture of her and it looks like she's lost way more than just 20 pounds. She looks so good and happy now. If I could afford it I would definitely do weight watchers.

happy... happymama0609

I would LOVE to do WW, but it is just too expensive :(

linzemae linzemae

Ww works for a lot of people but didn't for me. Seeing a nutritionist did. I enjoy eating clean foods over the Smart ones anyday

Roxan... Roxanne71

@linzemae, when did you try WW's?  The program has changed a lot in the last decade.  Weight Watchers actually pushes clean eating over frozen, processed foods.  In fact, most leaders will tell you to stay away from Smart Ones due to the sodium content.  The program centers around eating lean meats, whole grains, healthy oils, and TONS for veggies and fruits, etc. 

@happymama, if you can't afford the $40 monthly pass they do offer an online program for $19 per month. 

MomLi... MomLily67

Good for her! she is very youong so that  along with will power worked wonders. Before starting any regimen, you must take in account your age, as metabolism is not the same at  40  as it was at 20. If not able to follow exactly, do it as close as possible.

Just cutting out soda helpt to shed quite a few pounds per week. Fill up on fruit and veggies before a meal, specially dinner, and avoid bread and tortillas as much as possible. Oh!  most importantly, do you r best to fit in at least  30 mins of excerecise every day.

linzemae linzemae

I tried it in the beginning of 2011. Right when they went to points plus. My body is a pain and requires 1900 calories a day since I work out so much. I tried the 1200 calorie ones and gained weight. It's much easier to manage now that I met with a nutritionist

suziejax suziejax

WW is good

Roxan... Roxanne71

@ linzemae, you tried the "1200 calorie ones"?  WTF are you talking about???  WW's doesn't count calories. 

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