The Truth Behind Miley Cyrus's Weight Loss Is Disturbing

miley cyrus looking anorexicMiley Cyrus used to seem like one of those former Disney stars who was relatively well-adjusted (you know, by Lindsay Lohan standards). She has a sexy boyfriend, a cute dog, and yeah, although it seems she has a penchant for smoking certain illegal substances and her parents just went through a nasty divorce, I really thought she was keeping it together for the most part. But then she started to get really into working out. Like way too into it.

Want the truth about her workout addiction regimen? Her Pilates instructor, the famed Mari Winsor, recently spoke with Celebuzz and dished about how Miley's hardcore fitness plan has led to her extreme weight loss.

Reportedly, the moves, which are featured on Winsor’s Lower Body Pilates DVD available on GaiamTV, consists of exercising the waist, the glutes, the buttocks, and the inner and outer thighs to ensure a maximum full-impact workout. Winsor says Miley practices these moves six times a week at her studio in Los Angeles.

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While there's nothing wrong with having a healthy habit of sweating it out once (or even twice!) a day, I'm not the only one who's gotten suspicious about Miley's fitness obsession seemingly spiraling out of control. The problem is that she doesn't exactly look like a young woman who happens to have an insatiable appetite for exercise these days. She looks anorexic -- or at the very least, sickly, in some other way.

Sure, she's blamed her gluten and lactose intolerance for her increasingly thin frame. And that could very well be part of the problem. But I'm not convinced by that, either, because honey, there are plenty o' foods you can and should be eating if you're battling a "gluten and lactose allergy" as Miley says she is. And if you're seriously wasting away due to a gut issue, what you need to be doing more than running to the Pilates studio every five minutes is seeing a doctor. Here's hoping Miley figures out she probably needs more than a "double leg stretch" to be truly fit.

Do you think Miley's taken her "shape-up plan" too far?


Image via Brock Miller/Splash News

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Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

Might want to reread that article and edit it. An entire paragraph was duplicated.

kelli... kelli0585

I admire your fake concern.

Notice the angle of the photographs.  All from a higher perspective, even if only slightly so.  This is a known maneuver that is intended to make the subject appear skinnier than what they are.  Hence, sites like OKCupid are rife with such photos taken at this angle.

She's fine. Aside from her clavicle, which is perfectly normal for teenage/young twenty-somethings, nothing is protruding.  Her legs look healthy.  Skin is healthy.  Hair is healthy.

Nothing to report, here.

lalab... lalaboosh

Pshhh, she's fat.

Momo77 Momo77

I lost 10lbs when I gave up dairy, the same thing might have happened with her.

MrsKi... MrsKittyKat

She's in awesome shape.  Her ribs aren't sticking out.  Sickly? Eyeroll...

organ... organicyogalove

Dr.s dont really know much about healing gut health. Even g.i.'s..... Cutting out gluten and dairy is probably one of the healthiest things she is doing. Some people are just smaller framed, and your accusations are no better than someone saying "that chick looks so fat she must be an emotional over eater uch how sickly." Damn the stir, get it together! 

nonmember avatar A

I think she looks good.

nonmember avatar CS

I think she looks fit. I wish I had toned arms like that. The writer of this article sounds green with envy.

nonmember avatar kay

her parents did not divoce, they decided to stick it outand work on it

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