POM Wonderful Juice Can’t Work Miracles (But I’ll Still Drink It)

POMI've got to be honest, I'm kind of disappointed to learn that POM Wonderful apparently isn't the magical elixir it's cracked up to be.

Federal Administrative Judge D. Michael Chappell ruled Monday that the company made "deceptive advertising claims" by marketing the juice as a means to “treat, prevent, or reduce the risk heart disease, prostate cancer, or erectile dysfunction.”

Why am I disappointed?

Not because I'm personally worried about any of the above ailments, but because those "deceptive advertising claims" made me feel better about spending a small fortune on the stuff. Which I love simply for the taste.

But all is not lost. Even Judge Chappell "did not agree that every marketing claim included in the complaint was deceptive."


As is usually the case with foods and supplements that get the miracle-working hype treatment, just because pomegranate juice isn't a cure-all doesn't mean it's not high in antioxidants and super-good for you in other ways. Just like these nutritional powerhouses ...

1. Acai berry Remember the big freakout over this rainforest treasure, supposedly packed with amino acids and essential fatty acids and unicorn dust and whatever else? Dr. Oz and Oprah were on the acai bandwagon ... until the berry people started getting cocky with their "unproven" claims. Still, it's not bad stuff (personally I hate the taste, but whatevs).

2. Coconut water Yup, Vita Coco and O.N.E. got sued, too, for "overstating the amount of electrolytes in their beverages and exaggerating their hydrating benefits." Perhaps, but you know what? Coconut water is still the best hangover cure/workout recovery drink I've ever tried.

3. Noni juice People were ordering this stuff by the case when "data" about its cancer-curing, possibly HIV-treating properties hit the news. Can you say legal action? Again, the (sorta yucky) juice is still high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin A, so it's worth drinking even if it won't give you an extra few lives. 

The upshot? There is no over-the-counter fountain of youth. But there are plenty of nutritious things that can help you get healthy.

Do you drink POM Wonderful?


Image via Eurofruit, Asiafruit & Americafruit/Flickr

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