Freaky Flesh-Eating Bacteria Claims Third Victim: Should We Be Worried Now? (VIDEO)

bobby vaughn third victim necrotizing fasciitisJust when you thought it was safe to assume that 24-year-old Aimee Copeland's flesh-eating disease was a strange, isolated incident, two more cases of necrotizing fasciitis have popped up. The third victim in recent weeks to be struck with the bacteria is Bobby Vaughn, another Georgian, who had to have groin reconstruction (ugh!) and is now facing his sixth surgery today. Prior to Bobby, a woman named Lana Kuykendall contracted the bacteria after giving birth to twins in an Atlanta hospital.

Even though we've been assured that Copeland's case was so rare, and most people will never contract the disease, it really seems strange that these two cases have cropped up in areas nearby and so soon after Copeland was diagnosed. And yet, doctors say that the cases are independent of one another and have no common cause or link.

How could that be?


Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it does seem like these three cases should serve as a red flag for experts to look into the environment in the areas where these cases were contracted. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if pollution were to blame ... or perhaps antibiotics in the water supply, which could lowered Copeland, Vaughn, and Kuykendall's resistance to the bug. Who knows? But it doesn't seem unreasonable to think that local authorities (and even authorities outside of Georgia) would now be more vigilant about possible environmental health threats -- particularly any related to necrotizing fasciitis.

I'm no expert, but the point is that to shrug and call it a coincidence seems just plain ignorant. The mere fact that Vaughn and Copeland live in such close proximity and the Kuykendall case didn't happen that far away seems to be a huge clue in itself.

People in these communities deserve a thorough investigation -- as do the rest of us Americans who are sitting here, reading headlines, wondering who this alien-like infection will claim next.

Here's the local news report on the third victim...


Do these second and third cases in Georgia seem suspicious to you? Would you guess there might be a common cause or link?

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