‘DWTS’ Finalist Katherine Jenkins Can’t Wait to Gain Weight Again (VIDEO)

katherine jenkins

The season finale of Dancing With the Stars airs tonight, and whether she wins the mirror ball trophy or not, Katherine Jenkins has one thing on her mind -- gaining back every single ounce of weight she lost while competing on the show.

Huh? A celebrity who is all psyched up about putting some meat on her bones? Someone please tell me this isn't a dream, because I'm loving how Katherine is embracing her former, curvier self instead of boasting about her DWTS weight loss and how skinny she became as a result of the show.

Though she hasn't gotten on the scale (good girl!), Katherine's weight loss is obvious because she's dropped "several dress sizes." At 5'4", she used to be a British size 10 or 12, and now she's dropped below a size 6 (which I'm guessing is about a 0 or 2 in American duds).


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And while most American women would do just about anything to get Katherine's amazing weight loss results, the British culture is much more accepting of softer, fuller bodies. And apparently so is Katherine. Of her dramatic weight loss she said:

I feel strong and muscly, but I do prefer myself when I'm more curvy. I like being feminine -- it's more natural.

Can I get a "woo-hoo" for her positive and healthy self-image? I sure wish some of that self-love would rub off on me as far as celebrating my curves goes.

But aside from her preference for a more womanly look, perhaps part of the reason Katherine is so eager to bulk back up again is because opera singers tend to have stronger and fuller voices when they have the curves to back up their pipes. Makes sense, right? I'd put on weight if my career depended on it too. (Actually, no I wouldn't.)

Katherine's new lean and mean DWTS body is definitely enviable, but since she's already chowing down on chips, pizza, and chocolate cake, it doesn't look like her new figure will be sticking around for too long after the show ends. But she's definitely a great inspiration to love our bodies and find ourselves beautiful at any size.

Here is a video clip of one of Katherine's most recent performances.

Would you want to gain weight if you were her? 

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