Beyonce Didn't Do the Master Cleanse to Shed Baby Weight, Jillian Michaels Says (VIDEO)

beyonceIs Beyonce using the "Master Cleanse" to shed that baby weight? Celeb trainer Jillian Michaels doubts it. TMZ cornered her (literally) to ask if the rumors about Beyonce and the Master Cleanse are true. It's not a stretch -- Beyonce told Oprah she lost 20 pounds in two weeks on the cleanse back in 2006.

In case you're not already familiar with it, the Master Cleanse is that diet where you survive on nothing but tea, lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup for days. Jillian Michaels' take on it is DON'T DO IT.


How would Jillian even know what Beyonce is doing? She says she knows Beyonce's trainer and "he's a really great guy. I think she just works really hard." Good on Beyonce. I'm glad to hear she doesn't do that crazy fast and isn't trying to disappear the pounds with the crazy paprika waters.

I hate hearing about celebrities doing juice fast this and cleanse that. I just think the whole cleanse craze is bogus. How is that NOT going to throw your metabolism into starvation mode and make it want to desperately hold onto every last calorie you ever give it? I think liquid cleanses are a cruel way to treat your body.

Jillian's approach (no wonder Maressa Brown is doing her workout plan) is beautiful common sense: Don't do the master cleanse. You don't have to go vegetarian. Just eat really clean and healthy and work your mother-lovin' ass off. I don't know about you, but I'd rather hear someone's rockin' post-baby bod is the result of hard work than the result of magic potions.

What do you think of liquid cleanses like Master Cleanse?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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