How to Keep Your Sweet Tooth From Making You Stupid

candyOh, come on. Really?! As if we didn't already know enough bad stuff about sugar and how it can make us everything from overweight to diabetic to toothless, apparently sugar can also make us stupid. Seriously? Life is so stinkin' unfair.

Researchers found that rats who were fed a high-fructose diet had a harder time finding their way out of a complex maze. Great. So does this mean those of us with a yen for Yodels need better GPS systems than potato chip people? Because frankly that makes me a little depressed. (Which only makes me crave cookies even more.)

Thankfully, there is an antidote of sorts for sugar-induced dimwittedness ...


The same UCLA researchers found that when rats were given both the sugary stuff AND a supplement high in omega-3 fatty acids, they got through the maze way faster than rats that didn’t take omega-3s.

Well, that's more like it! I don't mind adding some extra essential fatty acids to my diet if it means I can eat candy without shaving points off of my IQ.

It's not like omega-3s aren't good for a bunch of other things, too, like your joints, skin, and heart -- they've also been shown to lower cholesterol and help depression and act as an anti-inflammatory and ... well, you get the idea.

Plus you can find them in foods like avocadoes and flaxseeds and salmon and walnuts and, of course, in supplement form.

Mmm, salmon for dinner + cake for dessert = No loss of intelligence!

Do you eat foods with omega-3 fatty acids?


Image via Jeff Adair/Flickr

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