Shed Extra Pounds Before Memorial Day With These 4 Easy Tricks

Memorial Day Bikini tipsWhere the hell has 2012 gone? Seriously. It feels like it was New Year's Eve just yesterday. Now, I have exactly 8 days until Memorial Day weekend kicks off, and I'm in panic mode. No, not because I don't have solid plans. The plans, they're great. Mostly because they involve being beach side with a few tasty drinks. Oh, well hello bathing suit season

Sigh. It's like that nagging third cousin you just can't get rid of. Are you also worried about looking your best in a suit this Memorial Day? Take comfort knowing you're not alone. While I can't promise you a six-pack (heck, I don't even think Jillian Michaels could work that sorta magic in one week), I can help you shed a few pounds just in time for the kickstart of summer.

Read on for 4 ways to shed extra pounds before Memorial Day weekend:


1. Kick up the H20 intake: If you're looking to get rid of your muffin top, then upping your water intake will definitely help. According to CNN, drinking two 8-ounce glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner will help you lose weight (and keep it off!).

My big suggestion: Buy a reusable bottle (I adore my Sigg one, personally) and keep it by your side throughout the day. I find myself drinking water because I'm bored. Stave off boredom AND lose weight? Winning!

2. Cut down on carbs: I'm not generally one for eliminating an entire genre of food from your diet, mostly because I know it's not a realistic lifestyle move. However, if we're talking about toning down carb intake for a week -- I say what the hey. Cutting down on carbs reduces your insulin levels, making the body less likely to store fat, and voila! it's instantaneously easier to lose weight.

3. Take the stairs: I know, you think that one little measly trip up or down the stairs means nothing. However, if you swear off stairs altogether for the week -- you could see some results! I'm not just talking around the office, either. Malls, grocery stores, Target -- you name it. Soon you'll be one fine steppin' lady.

4. Say no to artificial sweeteners: According to a Purdue University study, artificial sweeteners are tough for the body to break down and, therefore, could actually contribute to weight gain. Funny how that works, isn't it?

There you have it. Easy enough, right? God speed, my friends. May the force of bikini season be with you.

Are you trying to cut weight before Memorial Day weekend? Do you have any exciting plans?


Image via keepwaddling1/Flickr

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