Janet Jackson May Have Shocking 'Fat' Photo to Thank for Dramatic Weight Loss

janet jacksonStepping on the scale sucks. So I completely understand why Janet Jackson says she refuses to ever weigh herself again. 

It's like a cruel carnival game as you wait for those flickering digits to reveal just how much damage last night's carb fest caused.

It must be particularly hard for the pop star, who has so memorably yo-yo'd in front of the world.

She recently slimmed down with the help of Nutrisystem, but what Janet doesn't realize is that she already has the best weight loss tool she'll ever need - the "OMG! I-wish-I -had never left-the-house-that-day" photo! (see below).


janet jackson before pic Trust me, it works better than ANY scale ever could. It doesn't even have to be an actual picture. I know from personal experience that a sketch will do.

During a subway ride years ago, I noticed a down-on-his luck guy drawing passengers for money. Well, when he started sketching me, I was glad to help him out. As other passengers looked over his shoulder nodding in a way that suggested this so-called artist was creating some kind of spot-on Renior-esque masterpiece, I was excited to see the finished work.

He handed it to me as I exited the train and, to say the least, it was nothing like I expected. I was staring at a Mrs. Potato Head with shoulder-length hair. I thought, "This can't be right!" Well, having that ridiculous drawing - which I taped up in my office- was the best workout motivation I ever had. (I went on to eventually lose 15-pounds before my wedding!)

This could be the magic bullet that she's been looking for. Whenever a craving creeps up, all Janet has to do is thumb through some old photos and she'll likely find the inspiration to stay sexy and svelte for good this time.


What do you think? Can Janet keep the weight off?

Image via wannabehipster/Flickr

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