Britney Spears Must Follow 'X-Factor' Diet to Keep Simon Cowell Happy (VIDEO)

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britney spears at x-factor post show partyWell, y'all, it's official! Simon Cowell has tapped Britney Spears as an X-Factor judge (in addition to youngin' Demi Lovato) in hopes of saving his floundering show. And while all sounds well and good between Camps Cowell and Spears, it seems like Simon didn't beat around the bush during negotiations. A source tells Perez Hilton that the producer "laid down the law -- he's paying for 'superstar Britney,' not the 'trailer-trash' version she's occasionally become known as." Ouch! 

But reportedly, Brit's team ensured Simon that he'll get what he's "paying for" (ew), and promised him that "she will be transformed. She'll be glammed up, slimmed down, and totally focused on the show." (By the way, doesn't it always sound like she's still being treated like a puppet after all these years? Sigh. Poor Brit. Anyway ...)

I thought she already was sufficiently "slimmed down" after her Femme Fatale tour. Girl has been looking awesome. But apparently, Simon needs her to take it to the next level and keep it going so she can look "picture perfect, even during downtime." What a control freak!

The plan, according to the source:

Her diet includes lots of protein and superfoods to helps speed up her metabolism. The plan is to keep her full in between meals with vitamin juices, so she doesn't get hungry and grab junk food.

Okay, not sure what kinds of "vitamin juices" they're talking about -- surely, not pseudo-healthy bottled waters that are sugarbombs in disguise? Maybe it's more like green juice. Anyway. This so-called "diet" doesn't actually seem that unreasonable. It really just sounds more like what a healthy lifestyle should look like, period.

Nutritionists will tell anyone the same stay-slim "secret": You have to make sure to snack on the filling, protein and fiber-packed, ideally whole foods between meals to stay satiated and keep blood sugar stable. No brainer right there. And the extra protein and superfoods? Awesome! Not just metabolism-boosting, but again, satiating.

Now, this isn't to say that Brit wouldn't occasionally crave some down home Louisiana cookin' or a Slurpee every now and then. She probably will, and I don't see anything wrong with the once-in-a-blue-moon splurge. Ultimately, this eating plan sounds so reasonable, she should be able to adhere to it. And it sounds much less diet than lifestyle -- aka exactly the kind of plan most of us should be following. Even if we weren't just chosen to judge a national singing competition.

Here's a Splash News report on Brit's big announcement:

What do you think about Brit's X-Factor shape-up plan? Do you think she'll be able to pull it off?

Britney Spears reveals her insanely huge X-Factor salary!

Image via Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

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Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

I don't really have anything to say about her diet because frankly I think she looks great.

I do wonder about this: She is under a conservatorship, essentially incapable in the law's eye of making major life decisions for herself. Yet she is being brought on to judge others and make major life decisions for them? Doesn't make sense to me.

nonmember avatar Nicole

Bringing her on was a mistake entirely. I don't know what Simon is doing. American Idol sucks since he left, but yet on his own, X Factor sucks as well. Since The Voice also sucks, let's just let this be the death of the singing competition show mmmkay?

nonmember avatar janet

She's looking even better. I like her and Simon both, they have good hearts. Both legends in their own rights....

nonmember avatar Lorene

Keep making money off Britney, even though she said years ago, right before her "breakdown" and reprogramming that all she really wanted was to run off with her kids and live a happy life as a bartender, hairdresser, or stay at home mom. Look up the Rolling Stone interview. They keep her under conservatorship to keep her making money for them. Sad fact, but her parents are pimping her out for their own financial gain.

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