Woman With Flesh-Eating Disease Will Need More Than Medicine to Heal (VIDEO)

aimee copeland girl with flesh eating diseaseTwenty-four-year-old Aimee Copeland continues to make headlines for her battle with a rare, deadly flesh-eating bacteria infection called necrotizing fasciitis, which occurred as a result of a zip lining accident. Her leg has been amputated and her hands are likely to be claimed next, but the traumatic physical losses aren't the only issue Copeland is facing. She reportedly cannot remember the string of events leading up to her hospital stay.

Copeland's awake and alert, but according to her father Andy Copeland's blog, "They are giving her medication to help her forget the stress she's under, so that explains her inability to recollect many things." As if this story could get even more horrifying! Now we have to add drug-induced amnesia to the mix?


Thankfully, she does appear to have normal brain function ... something her family says they're celebrating, understandably. So maybe her memory will improve once she's off the meds. As we reported yesterday, Aimee can mouth questions, gesture, and nod in response to loved ones, so that's incredibly promising, as well.

In the meantime, Andy writes that he's been encouraging his daughter to "concentrate on breathing ... pray, and meditate on healing." He even gave a play-by-play of a relaxing visualization he walked her through.

Given how extreme and rare this infection is, leaning on therapy that initially sounds extremely faith-based and "hippy-dippy, woo woo" might sound nuts to some people. But it's actually exactly what Aimee Copeland needs right now, especially given the mental anguish she's sure to be experiencing as a result. After all, it's wrong to discount how much our mental well-being can really bolster our physical well-being. The mind can help us heal.

As scary and hopeless as Aimee's story may sound, it seems she does have at least one thing going for her: An incredible supportive family, focused on helping her remember and recover -- physically, yes, but just as importantly, mentally and emotionally.

Here's the recent ABC News report on Aimee's current state ...

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Do you agree that using meditation and/or prayer after a trauma like this is an integral part of healing?

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