Lea Michele Can't Expect Cory Monteith to Follow Her Extreme Diet

rachel and finnVegans aren't so crazy. They're probably the healthiest people on the planet actually, as there's plenty of research to support that animal products -- especially dairy -- aren't doing us many (if any) favors. Still, going 100 percent vegan isn't for everyone. Unfortunately, it sounds like Glee diva Lea Michele begs to differ. Or, at least, she reportedly hopes that boyfriend Cory Monteith will give up meat and dairy for her.

The rationale, according to an insider: "When Lea has kids, she wants them to be vegan -- and she wants Cory on board." Eeek! Danger, danger. Kinda putting the cart before the horse now, isn't she? Maybe, just a little?


Thank goodness it sounds like she doesn't expect him to give up all animal products overnight. The insider close to the couple says:

Lea wants Cory to become a vegetarian and then eventually a vegan, like her. Cory is pretty good about the way he eats. He rarely eats meat in front of Lea.

Geeze! Well, I hope she wouldn't actually have a cow (pun intended) if he did happen to eat it in front of her. I'm all about having your healthy eating preferences, but not being cool with other people eating as they please around you is going way too far! 

Luckily, my fiance has always wanted to eat right, and when I had an "organic revolution" a couple of years back, he was totally on board. Now we're pretty much 100 percent on the same page when it comes to trying to emphasize organic, vegetarian, whole foods-based meals. But if he really wanted steak occasionally or even fast food? Fine! Great! Who am I to say no?

Although it makes it easier when you're in sync with your diets, you can't force your partner to adhere to your personal eating regimen -- especially an intense one like veganism. It just won't last. A person has to really want to do that for themselves in order to commit to it fully -- and you know, not end up completely resentful of their partner.

Not following the same diet is not a dealbreaker. I know plenty of celiacs who can't eat gluten married to bread gobblers. My sister was 90 percent vegan, while her boyfriend would go for pork tacos. It's totally fine! The sooner Lea Michele wraps her head around that idea, it seems the better off her relationship with Cory will be.

What do you think about a vegan pressuring her non-vegan S.O. to convert? Is your diet in sync with your partner's?

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