'Jersey Shore' Is Wrecking Snooki's Attempt to Stay Slim

snookiHave you heard? Snooki is the most bullied celeb in Hollywood! Or at least, that's what she tells V Magazine in her new no-holds-barred interview. The Jersey Shore star claims, "I really don't go with trends. I don't try to fit in like everyone else does in Hollywood. I mean, people used to say I was fat when I was the hottest thing ever. Imagine what they say now." Wow, well, healthy self-esteem never hurt anyone, right? 

But it still seems to me like Snook's has a slightly skewed sense of reality. (Then again, can you blame a reality star for that?) She goes on to call her past weight gain an occupational hazard.


She explains:

When we film I really don't care what I look like. I just enjoy it and have fun. That's why people love us. I’m overweight because we're drinking and eating bad, but when I'm not filming I never drink and I eat healthy all the time. 

Err ... okay? So that's why she took those wacky diet pills she decided to shill for, eh? Sorry ... not quite sure I buy it. It's also a bit telling that Snooki claims "[shooting Jersey Shore] is kind of like being in jail for two months, and people wonder why all we do is drink! It’s because there's nothing else to do!" Could it be that the former meatball is just using her career as a crutch for bad habits? Sounds possible!

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But hey, she's not alone in doing so. You don't have to be followed around by MTV cams all day to find yourself blaming your job for an unhealthy lifestyle. Plenty of actresses have the opposite issue -- blaming their eating disorders, diets consisting of Diet Coke and cigarettes, or even extreme detoxes on their jobs. People who work in offices blame their co-workers for bringing in cupcakes, bagels, doughnuts. And I'm sure there are plenty of folks whose line of work serves as a crutch for them to be constantly stoned.

But the nature of one's job shouldn't be the determining factor making us too thin, too fat, or straight-up addicted. You can choose to skip the crap food your co-workers are indulging in or opt out of imbibing during happy hour (which, in Snooki's case, spans eight weeks, apparently). And if your line of work really is wrecking your health, maybe it's time to re-prioritize. No job is worth making yourself sick over.

Do you buy Snooki's excuse for being overweight? How does your job affect your health?

Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

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