Kelly Osbourne Takes Important First ‘Steps’ Toward a Summer Beach Bod

Kelly OsbourneWhen you think of running, how fast are you thinking? Run a mile in under 11 minutes, that's pretty solid, right? Kelly Osbourne, she's trying to get on her fit game. The 27-year-old TV personality tweeted yesterday, "Just ran/walked 4 miles in under an hour ... Exhausted but loving it!"

I'm just gonna throw this out there: if she walked the whole thing at a 15-minute/mile pace, she would have done it in about an hour. Heck, I'm not judging her though. In fact, I think her pace is freakin' awesome.

What's important here is that Kelly is getting out and active. What's NOT important is how fast she's going or how long it takes her to finish her workout. The fact that she's committed to getting out there in the first place is a huge hurdle, one that many women struggle with overcoming.

I've been there. Heck, I remember a time in my life where it took me almost 10 minutes to "run" a half mile. However, soon that half mile became a full mile, the full mile became several, and before I knew it -- I was running in my fifth half marathon.

It's all about setting your mind to a goal and working toward it. Clearly, Kelly is looking to keep active and work on her fitness routine. I wouldn't be surprised if a few months from now, we're seeing tweets from Ms. Osbourne saying she's signed up for her first 5K and showing off that bikini bod. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

Are you active? If so, what is your favorite way to work out?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

sorry, but i am SO confused! the author wrote:

I'm just gonna throw this out there: if she walked the whole thing in 15 minute/ mile pace, she would have done it in under four hours.

now forgive me if i'm misunderstanding... but if you walk a mile in 15 minutes, and you need to walk 4 miles... 4 miles x 15 minutes = 60 minutes to complete the whole 4 miles. did i miss something here?

Littl... LittleManMama

I think you mean under ONE hour, not four hours. Also a 15 minute mile walking is a very fast walking pace. The average walking pace is a 20 minute mile so even IF Kelly only walked, she would still have reason to be proud of her pace. Why be such a hater? Even though you say you've "been there" you are clearly putting down her accomplishment.

nonmember avatar kaerae

A healthy 20-something girl doing a 15-minute mile is called walking, and it's really sad that wears her out. BTW, the 20-minute standard is for over age 60. Any able-bodied adult alks a 15 minute mile.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

She's 5'2". I'm the same height and I could not physically walk 4mph, my legs just are not long enough. A fast walk at my height is 3.5mph and 4mph is just jogging. If I were taller I could walk that fast, I know my husband does, but it's not possible with my stumpy legs.

Mandago Mandago

Rhonda has a point. I can comfortably walk 4.5 mph, but I'm 5'10". If I were eight inches shorter, I'd have to run to maintain that speed.

OkieG... OkieGirl74

I have short stubby legs and I walk 4 mph every evening...I have to haul butt (which is the point, isn't it?) to keep up that pace but it can be done without running.

Littl... LittleManMama

I'm not saying a 15 min mile can't be done, but it is a fast pace, it is not a stroll. Especially 4 miles in a row, you would be working at least a little to maintain that pace. Of course if you are taller, it's easier. My point is why do we feel the need to tear down everyone else's accomplishments. I'm a runner-4 miles is a not a big deal to me but to someone starting out, it is. Good for her.

Addys... Addys_Mom

Thank you rhonda! I am a shorty too and 4mph is a slow jog for me or a really really quick walk (i'd rather just jog) but for my hubby, 4mph is just a walk. Height plays a HUGE difference. I am finally to the point where I can run/jog 6 miles in about an hour and 15 minutes and it has done wonders for me. I do feel like this article was kind of putting her down for ONLY walking 4 miles in an hour. So you are a runner. She is just starting.

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