Jessica Simpson's Baby Weight Freak-Out Is Setting Her Up to Fail

jessica simpson pregnantWho didn't see this coming? Now that Jessica Simpson has given birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew, OK! magazine is reporting that she's completely terrified that she won't be able to shed the 65 pounds of baby weight she put on over the course of the last nine months. (Yes, even though she's gettin' paid the big bucks by Weight Watchers to do so.)

Apparently, she's freaked out by the glare of the media spotlight judging her at every turn. And I can't say I blame her for that. At the same time, she did make a choice to sign up to be a weight loss program's spokesperson, making her upcoming challenge an even more public one. But I have no doubt that she'll be able to pare the pounds  ... as long as she chills out and adopts a whole new attitude.

I'm talking about being patient. Those 65 pounds aren't going to fall off overnight. Sure, breastfeeding could help her a long a bit, but the truth of the matter is that it's going to take a lot of work, willpower, and rigorous exercise over the course of several months to slim down. But that's completely fine! If she's legit losing with the Weight Watchers PointsPlus plan, they'll hopefully be telling her that slow and steady is the way to go. After all, the healthiest, longest lasting weight loss doesn't occur in a fast, extreme way.

I also hope she bears in mind one of the most underestimated keys to getting in shape: Self-compassion. Jess has gotta give herself a break! Knowing Hollywood and the gossip mill, I'm sure there will be tongues clucking if she's not looking super svelte several weeks from now. Unfortunately, her worries aren't unfounded. But who cares?! She just has to tune naysayers out, and take care of #1 -- and her new, beautiful baby girl, of course.

Did you feel like Jess after having a baby? How did you deal with your anxiety about weight loss?

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MomLi... MomLily67

She shouldn't worry, her body will respond and get rid of a lot of it, and she has resources to take care of the rest, i.e. personal trainers, etc.

All she should care about right now is being healthy for her precious baby's sake.

Society has become too critical of post-partum weight, not to mention weight and size in general.

MsRkg MsRkg

My pregnancy rocked, by the end of it I gained maybe 15-20 lbs max. Half of it shed by doing nothing really in the first 2 months after, the last stubborn 10 I eliminated with running and 3-4 trips to the gym a week and it was gone in about a month and a half.

If she relaxes and doesn't over think it, her body will lose probably half sooner than she thinks, and if she keeps with the weight watchers the rest will come off slowly as well, in a healthy fashion.  I wish her luck and the best.

Hi_Rae Hi_Rae

Not to be rude or anything but, its her own fault. There is absolutely no reason to gain 65 lbs while pregnant (with 1 child). It was all cheery and cute 4 months ago when she was talking about all the cheesecake and fried foods she was eating. Oh what do you know now she's worried she won't be able to lose the baby weight, well maybe she should've thought about that before.

nonmember avatar Stacy

@Hi_Rae, Judge much? It's her own fault!?!? Let her be. It's hard enough being a new mom and I don't care who you are (celebrity or not)... moms of all people should be nicer to other moms. Some people (myself included can't lose weight while breastfeeding - if I eat anything over 1500 cals and I gain weight (my brother and other family members are the same way... it sucks!)... eating lower calories kills my milk supply. I choose my baby over vanity any day.

nonmember avatar lisa brewer

She is still beautiful the way she is she should just ignore everyone and loose it at her own pace she needs to just cherish that baby and be grateful they are both healthy

mande... manderspanders

Really 65lbs is not a healthy amount of weight for a singleton pregnancy. I think she's a beautiful woman, but it is apparent that she took pregnancy as a free for all with her health and diet. 65lbs in 9 months is pretty extreme... You have to be eating 1000s of extra calories/wk to do that. There are 3500 calories/pound... That means she over-ate by about 25000 calories/month... That's over and above what she would have needed just to maintain.... Pregnancy doesn't demand that many extra calories.

mande... manderspanders

I really do believe that she is beautiful at any size and hope that she will come to terms with her curves (regardless of her weight) someday. I hope for her and her daughter she is able to regain her health.

Hi_Rae Hi_Rae

@Stacy, I have a 3 week old son, I know all to well how hard it is being a new mom. I also know gaining 65 lbs in 9 months is in no way healthy. No one forced her to eat the way she did, so I stand by my statement that its her own fault. That being said, I never said she wasn't beautiful, she is, always has been and always will be. The only thing she should be worried about right now is her baby girl, and getting her HEALTH back. The number on her scale should matter, as long as she is healthy.

Miz Kizzy

OK my normal weight was 98 lbs. Plummeted to 76 due to morning sickness, and my term ended at 156.5 lbs. When I left the hospital, I was 106.5. I fit my pants, (size 5), my suit tops were an issue. I brest fed.

The only thing that impacted me was that I had finally cracked 100lbs. Mind, that was 36 yrs ago.its a girl


Teri_25 Teri_25

@Manders- Really??? I gained 65(probably 75 after the IV & pitocin) during my pregnancy for my son. I wasn't doing a free for all or anything like that. In fact my doula yelled at my doctor for telling me I needed to stop eating because I was eating 1700-2000 calories a day at that point and STILL gaining weight. You know what normally happens when I eat that amount of calories? I lose 2 pounds a week that way. Unfortunately I am one of those women who gain extreme amounts of water weight during pregnancy. As a matter of fact, I know the exact day my son implanted because my feet got so swollen I could hardly walk. And five days after birth? I had lost 70 pounds. So don't go thinking that people who gain that much weight are pigs. Not all of them are.

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