4 Reasons You May Be Obese in 20 Years

newsweekWhich do you think is more likely to happen by the year 2030: We're all traveling by jet pack, or 42 percent of us are obese? I WANT the first one to be true. (What's taking them so long with those jet packs, anyway?) But unfortunately, it really does look like 42 percent of us will be obese in about 20 years -- so says a study for the Centers for Disease Control.

Right now about 34 percent of us are obese. And I'm not at all surprised to hear that we're just going to keep rolling along like this. Here's why.


1. We can't agree on what makes us fat. For years nutritionists have been saying "cut the saturated fat!" So we all started chowing down in carbs instead. Now Newsweek writer Gary Taubes thinks it's all the sugar. He think we've been fussing over fats and oils and filling up on sugars and carbs, which are the real culprits. And that kind of makes sense -- sugar tells our cells how to store fat. But is this really all about sugar?

2. Preaching willpower doesn't seem to work. Eat less and exercise. Eat less and exercise. We've heard this for decades. We do exercise more, now. But portion sizes have grown.

3. Obesity is incredibly complicated. We're all different, and we all have different bodies that respond different ways to different foods and different exercise. But we keep getting these one-size-fits-all messages about not getting fat.

4. We're surrounded! Everywhere you go there are ads for delicious things to eat. 

But hey, I have some good news about this report. The crazy obesity runaway train is slowing down! Yay. A few years ago they thought a whopping 51 percent of us would be obese by 2030, but apparently we're getting a grip. Kind of.

Why do you think we still face an obesity epidemic?


Image via Newsweek/The Daily Beast



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