'Teen Mom' Leah Messer's Bad Habit Is Hurting Her Loved Ones

leah messer smokingTeen Mom's Leah Messer, mom to twin girls Aleeah and Aliannah, has come clean about her dirty, not-so-little secret. She confessed to her Twitter followers earlier today: "I really wanna quit smoking! .. It's such a bad example for my girls #itsanewday to change anything and everything! #aliandaleeah #JLC" Whaaa? Who knew she smoked in the first place? Lots of fans seemed shocked to hear it.

That may be because while she's been a smoker for some time, MTV has never shown her indulging in the nasty vice on the show, and she says she didn't smoke during her pregnancy and reportedly doesn't do it around her twins. But paparazzi have caught her mid-ciggie (see: photographic proof to the left), so yep -- it's clearly a habit she could stand to kick! If not only because she'll be better off health-wise, but also because, if she doesn't, she's hurting her loved ones.

As the daughter of two middle-aged life-long smokers, I'll admit I don't have much sympathy for those who cling to their death sticks. It nauseates me, and I can't wrap my head around the idea of anyone thinking it's okay to keep spending their hard-earned dough on something deadly that also makes them a social pariah! And yeah, I guess I could say "to each their own!" and have the attitude of "live and let live," but not when it comes to smoking.

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That's because not only are smokers like Leah and my parents setting a poor example for their kids, they're hurting them directly and indirectly. Second-hand smoke isn't a joke. Even if smokers find a way to avoid puffing around their loved ones, they're still wreaking like it and ultimately, chipping away at their livelihood, which hurts anyone who cares about them.

Thankfully, Leah seems to understand this and realize that by continuing to smoke, she isn't just hurting herself. But by resolving to quit, she's making an admirable, selfless move. Other smokers could stand to follow her lead.

What do you think about Leah Messer's commitment to quit smoking? Do you agree it's a selfish habit?

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I know smoking ages you but it's hard to believe she's a teen, she looks at least thirty in at picture.

nonmember avatar D

I've never met anyone who lives in a trailer and doesn't smoke. I always thought trailers and smoking go together.

hanib... hanibanani

I don't smoke and it has never interested me. I'm just curious as to why people even start... Any ideas? Also, I'm not naive or ignorant.  I know teens smoke and people don't wait until they re 18 to start. But she was 16 when she got pregnant. When did she find the time to start smoking?

Becka Smith

I smoked from 17 until i was 30. I finally gave it up when I knew it was harmful to my toddler. It's not something that you can just put down. I fight the urge to smoke 24 hours a day. She has to be serious about wanting to quit! or it wont happen!

Shauna Pigzilla Wilkie

I smoked for 3 and a half years before getting a blood clot a few months ago. I had to quit cold turkey, doctor's orders. And it's hard, almost 4 months later I still go crazy. Kuddos for her wanting to quit for the kids though. :)

nonmember avatar kaerae

I can't believe how old she looks...and NOT in a good way! I hope teen girls see this picture, not just the ones of her styled by MTV!

Kimberly McMahan

@hanibanani not that I'm sticking up for smoking (I despise it actually), but if she did start smoking after the twins were born it was probably because of all the stress involved with being a teen mom. Especially a teen mom to twins, one of which has a disability.

@D I think you need to broaden your horizons a bit. Tons of people live in trailers and don't smoke, myself included.

LauraJean Snyder

Just because you smoke doesn't mean that you are a bad person!

shell... shellyplatz

I hope she quits. I have smoked once in awhile with friends when I was a teen but I never found it addicting and something I just HAD to have. I guess that's why I find it hard to understand when people say they just can't quit.

Kaicee Baxter

so what if she smokes it is her choice ! you all act like she is lighting up a blunt or doing crack! calm your nerves! plenty of people smoke and it is not that horrible! yes it has its downs but what in life doesn't? if she wants to smoke let her smoke don't try and put her down because she is a parent that smokes ! at least she is not doing drugs ! you people are so damn dramatic ! grow up and act your age ! people are so quick to label others and judge them ! focus on your self not everyone else! yes we get it it is not good to smoke! it is also not good to eat fast food does that mean that if you see someone with a big mac you are going to take a picture and write a damn article on it ? no so get off of peoples case and let them live there life how they want to and go focus on yours!

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