Sammi Sweetheart's 'Sexy' Fitness Line Sounds Too Hot for the Gym

sammi sweetheart mtv jersey SHoreWhile working on my fitness, the only interpretation I have of "looking hot" involves pouring sweat, having a complete case of "red face," and needing to put my window A/C unit on the "high" setting. Looking like a Swimsuit Illustrated cover model is pretty much my last priority -- incinerating calories and boosting metabolism is. I would bet pretty much most women feel similarly. But not the gals down on the Jersey Shore -- bless their fake-baked hearts. They want to look "sexy" while working out. Or at least Sammi Giancola aka Sammi Sweetheart does. She's coming out with her very own line of workout clothes called Sexy Sweetheart.

She describes the line as including the basics: "Sports bras, yoga pants, and jackets." Sounds promising, but at the same time ... the name of the brand should give any woman who is serious about fitness pause.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not refusing to acknowledge the built-in vanity that comes with exercising. It reminds me of what Jillian Michaels says while making me do this incredibly difficult "crab" move in one of her Body Revolution workouts. She says something along the lines of, "Sure, I want to see you live to 100, see your granddaughter graduate college, but I also want you to feel comfortable having sex with the lights on!" Hell yeah. Of course we work out in order to look sexy. But while working out? While we're actually sweating our tuchuses off at the gym, taking a spinning class, holding downward dog? Hell no.

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All we really care about is being comfortable! I don't need rhinestones and flowers and hearts on my sports bra, a brand name plastered onto material clinging to (and drawing attention to) my behind, or a low-cut workout bra. Most of us just want the garments we throw on to work out to fit well.

Sure, it doesn't hurt to try to look "cute." No one wants to look like a total slob, especially if you're exercising in public. Plus, I realize some people actually go to the gym to focus on things other than their workouts (like the cute guy at the juice bar or the ripped Pilates instructor?). But ultimately, what we want in workout wear is form over function. Hopefully, Sammi's applied that concept to her new line. Will be interesting to see how it turns out!

Do you try to look sexy while working out or is that the last thing on your mind?


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the4m... the4mutts

I want to look hot while I work out! Duh! LoL

If I put on my "good" workout clothes, I'm more likely to walk/jog more because of the looks of aproval I get from men I see along the way.

I like working out more when I know my SO will drool when he walks in an sees me in my little lycra shorts.

Makes me want to work out longer, just to torment him!

I recently started tae-bo, but I'm in my comfies until I get the hang of it, but you can bet money that as soon as I get some of the moves down, it'll be lycra shorts, sports bra, and too-tight sequined tank top again!

mommy... mommy2annaliese

Meh. She's trying to make money from her Jersey shore role, and following, (if she has one) anything to make money, now that the jersey shore is over for good. 

Nothing wrong with it though, i don't think this line will get too big, she not really a star, her taste are only geared towards women with similar style (Not that many guidettes out there) It seems like Pauly D and Snooki benifited the most from Jersey shore, followed by Jwow and the situation.

Chalon King

I like to make the old mens day by wearing biking shorts and a sports bra to work out. I do not understand how people can wear baggy clothes working out. The less the better.

Andrea Tyukody Renninger

Doesn't she have to workout to endorse workout clothes? Look at her stomach - time to do some crunches Sammy.

nonmember avatar Maggie M

Maressa Brown, you sound like a complete hater in this article. I think it's great that she is exploring her options and branching out of reality TV.
You wrote "the name of the brand should give any woman who is serious about fitness pause", but I beg to differ. As a woman who works out 5 to 6 days a a week. I def want to have cute work out clothes to wear. I feel great after a workout and I want my outfit to match my great mood.
Your article is disappointing to read.

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