Yogurt May Make Us Slimmer & ‘Sexier’ (It Works for Mice)

yogurtIt probably wouldn't surprise anyone to hear about an experiment that proves eating yogurt makes you slimmer. But how about yogurt making you sexier? Yup. Science just proved that.

Or anyway, they proved yogurt makes mice sexier. There's a phrase you probably didn't think you'd read today: Sexy mice. SEXY MICE! So nice I had to write it twice. So how exactly does yogurt make mice sexy? And will this sexy yogurt trick work on us humans, too? I'm dying to find out.


Apparently yogurt gives mice incredibly shiny fur. It's like Garnier for little squeaky guys! MIT researcher Susan Erdman says (somewhat enviously, I might add) the gleaming fur was one of the first things she noticed about the yogurt-eating mice in her experiment. “It was so thick and shiny; shockingly shiny."

The other thing she and her fellow researcher Eric Alm noticed was the male mice's, um ... how to put this delicately? Their giant, protruding nut sacks. The yogurt-eating male mice's testicles were 5 percent larger than non-yogurt mice's. And they were 15 percent larger than those of the mice who ate the mouse equivalent of junk food. McShrinky! And yogurt gave the guy mice a Mark Walberg-like swagger. For reals.

As for the lady mice, they all became better moms and had bigger litters when they ate yogurt. So yogurt made those mice fertile Mytles. In Mouseville that's very hot stuff indeed.

Oh yeah, and as I mentioned in the beginning -- the yogurt also made the mice slimmer.

This all makes me glad that I eat yogurt almost every morning with breakfast. IS THAT WHY MY HAIR ALWAYS LOOKS SO FABULOUS? Just kidding -- actually, I have very coarse, dry, wiry hair. But maybe it would be even drier if I didn't eat yogurt ever day. Who knows! At any rate, reading this study makes me want to keep eating that yogurt every day.

How often do you eat yogurt?


Image via grognar/Flickr

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