10 Minutes to a Bikini-Ready Body! (VIDEOS)

10 minute workoutTen minutes to a bikini-ready body?! For real? That must be some kind of magical ... oh, I get it. We're not talking about just ONE 10-minute session, this is like a 10 minutes every day kind of thing. Hmm.

Maybe not magic, but still a pretty good deal when you think about it. I mean, if you're always strapped for time (like me), making it to the gym on a daily basis just ... well, that just ain't gonna happen. But 10 minutes? That's totally reasonable, especially considering these are workouts you can do in your living room.

And all you need to get started are dumbells (3, 5, or 8 pounds) and a mat!


These simple routines are from Lil Sugar and other great sites.

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And this one's gotta be killer, because not only does it target legs and glutes -- it's the workout Cameron Diaz does for her legs and glutes with trainer Teddy Bass. I'm sold.

As any Pilates devotee can tell you, there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) better for absolutely amazing abs. Just wait til you see the results from this YummyBodywear workout ... you'll never do another crunch!

The last video is for "tank top arms," meaning lean and sculpted (the 1-minute weight-lifting moves won't add bulk, I promise!).

Will you try these 10-minute workouts?

Image via lilsugar

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