'Mamma Mia!' Cast Watched One of Their Own Battle Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

irene bunis wardrobe supervisor breast cancer on broadway with kidsThe CafeMom Studios YouTube show, On Broadway With Kids, follows the lives of parents who work on the long-running hit, MAMMA MIA! And as we've learned from past episodes, these musical parents practically form second families with their co-workers over the years. That can mean supporting one another in the form of planning play dates with the kiddos whenever they can to seeing one another through their darkest hour. In a recent clip, wardrobe supervisor Irene Bunis spoke about her experience battling breast cancer while working on the production.

Her son was in sixth grade and her daughter in second when she was diagnosed, and as she describes, it was a "very, very challenging time" both at home and at work.


An episode of Degrassi inspired Irene and her son to do a head-shaving fundraiser with her MAMMA MIA! co-workers, and although she thought it was going to be a "healing" experience, she found herself feeling really blue instead. Ugh.

Thankfully, being surrounded by people on the job who felt like family members and who recognized her tongue-in-cheek sense of humor (she used to write funny little puns, like "breast intentions" or "I second that chemo-tion" in emails to friends -- ha!) helped her cope.

Here's the episode featuring Irene's story ... (Her segment starts around 7:29.)

I love that it seems like, these days, Irene looks back on that trying time with a healthy attitude, in part because she had the love and support of her Broadway family. Pretty amazing.

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What do you think of Irene's story? Can you relate?


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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